Weak Spot Guide: Karl

The new tier 1 German SPG Karl is has a whopping 600mm cannon on it and impressive armor to go with it.  The numbers listed at 10mm/10mm/10mm are very deceiving and actually the Karl has much more armor than it would appear. Unlike other weak spot guides I am using a new format in which I use a video and recording program to highlight areas on a tank to go over the tank’s armor live.  For each area I provide the usual effective armor values, the picture below of the Karl if you click it will take you to my YouTube video of the weak spot guide.

5 Comments on "Weak Spot Guide: Karl"

  1. caguamamkII | April 2, 2014 at 1:03 pm |

    Hats off for the guide!

    keep the Karl!!!
    For a16-bit WoT!!!

  2. Is this your April fool to us ?

  3. Just for testing purposes: YouTube says to me: “This video is not available in your country.” Which is Czech Republic. Maybe you can check settings of it.

    One more thing, the video is named RickRoll’D by user cotter548. I am not sure, if it is correct link at all.

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