Weak Spot Guide: Jagdpanzer E-100

The tier 10 German tank destroyer Jagdpanzer E-100 is a behemoth with a massive amount of armor overall and especially on the frontal armor.  Like other massive German tanks the armor on the Jagdpanzer E-100 is very thick in spots and also since it is based on the E-100 chassis has decent angles on the frontal armor.  Frontally the only true weak spots are the lower glacis that is still very tough for lower tiers facing the Japgdpanzer E-100 and also a very small cupola located on the back roof area.  For tanks close to the Jagdpanzer E-100 and/or shorter than it this cupola is unable to be hit making it an unreliable weak spot.

The sides of the Jagdpanzer still retain quite a bit of toughness and especially since the entire hull(aside from the top superstructure) is covered in some sort of spaced armor.  The top side of the hull armor has a 60mm layer of spaced armor while the lower section has 40mm of track armor with 120mm of armor behind both sections.  This makes shooting the side of the Jagdpanzer E-100 with HEAT rounds a very bad idea unless you aim higher and hit the superstructure.  The superstructure is 150mm thick but only has one layer of armor.  The rear is pretty straight forward and is 150mm thick with the central “hatch” area being 120mm thick.

Frontal Views



Frontally the Jagdpanzer E-100 has a ton of armor unless you hit it in it’s very limited amount of weak spots.  The upper glacis and most of the area around the gun is off limits since it is immune to almost anything thrown it’s way.  Area #1 on the superstructure is “weak” against tier 10 tank destroyers and also high penetrating premium rounds.  The main weak spots however are the lower glacis and the small cupola found on the second view for the frontal armor.

Side/Angled/Rear Views

The side/rear/angled views are still being worked on and will be added at a later point.  For now the small overview of the armor found above will help you deal with the Jagdpanzer E-100’s other armor sections.

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  1. Insolentminx | May 29, 2014 at 9:49 am |

    I have this “Death Star”, and it is a fabulous TD. Unfortunately, it seems like everything goes through it. It is impossible to side scrape. The weak spots seem more prevalent than this article any advice?

    • Find small hills/rubble/dead tanks to hide that main lower glacis weak spot. Even though your accuracy isn’t great this tank needs to play somewhat further back to have it’s armor work as well. Side scraping doesn’t work due to the gun traverse(left/right) which further promotes playing a bit further back from the front lines.

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