Weak Spot Guide: IS-6

The IS-6 may not seem like a tank with a great deal of armor by looking at it’s listed stats.  However, it’s armor scheme makes good use of angles which results in excellent protection. Keeping in mind that the IS-6’s armor is mainly based on the angles associated with it.  Areas not angled are usually the weakest spots to aim at on the IS-6.  This guide for World of Tanks IS-6 weak spots breaks down its armor into individual locations based on armor thickness/angle.  Factoring in both thickness and angle gives us the effective armor(EA) value.  This is the actual thickness that your rounds will need to penetrate.

World of Tanks IS-6 Weak Spots – Frontal View

World of Tanks IS-6 Weak Spots

Frontally the IS-6 is a formidable foe to come across for most tier 8 tanks and lower.  Most of the frontal hull armor is difficult to penetrate due to it being heavily angled.  The best spot to aim at on the front hull is the lower glacis that sits at 199mm effective armor.  Otherwise you will want to aim at one of the turret weak spots.  The cupola is only 150mm-177mm effective in the center area.  The roof can also be overmatched by 91mm+ caliber guns.

If you find yourself being face hugged by an IS-6.  You can simply fire down into the upper glacis since it isn’t very well angled.  Try to avoid the slightly thicker driver’s hatch(110mm) since it is tougher than the upper glacis(100mm).

World of Tanks IS-6 Weak Spots – Side View

World of Tanks IS-6 Weak Spots Side

While the side armor is still angled decently the thickness drops enough to where almost the entire side is weak enough for most tanks that regularly face the IS-6 to penetrate it.  The exception is a few small locations on the front of the IS-6’s side hull and also a few small spots on the turret.  Some tier 6 and 7 tanks might struggle with reliably penetrating a couple areas if you get a low penetration roll but otherwise the IS-6’s side armor is easy to damage.

World of Tanks IS-6 Weak Spots – Rear ViewWorld of Tanks IS-6 Weak Spots Rear

Much like the side armor the rear armor on the IS-6 is very weak and easy to damage as long as you avoid the tougher spots on the rear turret.

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  1. BeastMode707 | February 25, 2013 at 4:53 am |

    Thank you! I have a lot of trouble going against that thing with my tier 7s and 6s.

  2. Hi! i thinking to buy is-6 and liked to ask u opinion are is-6 better than t34..Ofc i know they play styles are different but..still want opinions to make sure.. 🙂

    • Both are good. Get the one you have a crew for so you can train them in it.

      IS-6 is more up in your face, T34 is more mid range.

    • I own t34 I want to buy IS 6 because of its fun factor, t34 sees tier 10s regularly it was fun at first to pen them with 248 mm penetration but with 12.5 secon reload and 400 damage tier10s are not a place for this tank, Is 6 however is really good with incredible armor angles and bouncing, also its pen and damage are really good for its tier and enemies she faces, I would say IS-6 , or maybe 112 that is new, also think about crew training too, with is6 you can train your is7 and is4 crews or at least part of them 😀

  3. Do yourself a HUGE favor and GET THE IS^ OVER THE 112! – While the 112 MAY have better paper stats, and from straight on – with lower glacis ENTIRELY covered (as it is ONLY 80mm at 45 deg – I can pen it EASY in my E-25) Which brings me to another point – side armor. In my E-25, I have caught 112’s by the side and I can track and damage them easily every shot without any APCR. When i see the broad side of an IS6 in the E-25, I am lucky to track them and do even 1 or 2 damaging shots before having to high-tail it out of town. And that speaks VOLUMES about the 112’s general armor vperformance vs. the IS6. As unlike the IS6, even at close range it is easy for any gun with 150+ avg pen to get through the lower glacis. The IS6 on the other hand has 120mm at 50 deg lower glacis which at close ranges (and even mid) is basically impenetrable, and even if you DO penetrate there, I have found you are lucky if it does ANY HP damage – though it is easy to track an IS6 in such a way. The 112, unless fully hull-down is an easy target from EVERY angle, this is pretty much opposite from the IS6, NTM the IS6 has higher HP/ton and is more maneuverable, AND has a good bit higher rate of fire at 5.13 RPM rated. With Vents, rammer and BiA (like I have – along with vert. stab. smooth ride & snap shot) I get a round every 9.65 seconds! An AMAZING 6.22 rounds/min!!

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