Weak Spot Guide: FV201 A45

The FV201 A45 is a seldom seen premium tank(at least on the NA server) and it is a tier 7 British “heavy tank” that performs more like a medium tank in many regards.  The FV201 A45 does not have an overwhelming amount of armor for a heavy tank at tier 7 and instead relies upon decent turret armor combined with above average gun depression.  This World of Tanks FV201 A45 weak spot guide breaks down the entire FV201 A45’s armor complete with strong armor spots and weak spots.

World of Tanks FV201 A45 Weak Spots Frontal


Frontally the FV201 A45 doesn’t scream a heavy tank armor wise since most of the frontal hull is covered by armor thinner than 88mm.  There is only a small 88.9mm strip on the upper part of the upper glacis and another 109.3mm thick strip of armor between the upper/lower glacis that provides any kind of “thick” armor.  Unfortunately outside of the small 88.9mm piece of armor across the frontal hull the rest of the frontal hull armor is abysmal for a heavy tank.  One trick FV201 A45 drivers can employ is using a small incline to increase the angle of the upper hull which as a result will bring it to or close to auto-bounce angles.

The saving grace of the FV201 A45’s armor frontally is the turret……kind of.  Since this tank has great gun depression it can effectively hide its poor hull armor and use the turret armor which can withstand non-premium rounds from many tier 7/8 tanks.  Across most of the frontal turret you have enough armor to either stop, ricochet, or render incoming shells useless.  The main weak spot unfortunately is very large and on top of the turret labeled as the “upper turret weak spot”  This area is only 50.8mm thick and has 116mm effective armor making it virtually a giant hole in the FV201 A45’s frontal armor except against certain low penetrating light tanks.

World of Tanks FV201 A45 Weak Spots Side


While the frontal armor on the FV201 A45 at least tries to dabble with a bit of armor protection, the side armor does no such thing and is effectively non-existent.  The only strong spots are located on the angled sections from the frontal turret and the small cupola located on top of the frontal hull.  Outside of these areas the entire side armor is well below what a heavy tank at tier 7 should have as far as side armor goes.  The saving grace for the side armor is that there is a 8mm thick spaced armor plate with 25mm tracks that covers a lot of the side armor.  Theoretically this can stop HEAT shells if people are actually shooting HEAT at your side armor in the first place.

World of Tanks FV201 A45 Weak Spots Rear


The rear armor of the FV201 A45 much like the side armor is well below average and is almost entirely a weak spot(green).  There are however a few angled sections on the rear turret roof and commander’s cupola that are somewhat tough to get through if you are limited in places to aim.  Simply avoid these small red/yellow areas and you will have no trouble penetrating the rear of a FV201 A45.

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