Weak Spot Guide: Ferdinand

The tier 8 German tank destroyer Ferdinand sits as a crossover vehicle between the German heavy tanks and the Jagdpanzer E-100 tank destroyer line.  It also is one of two choices at tier 8 for that tank line with the other option being the Jagdpanther II which has less armor than the well armored Ferdinand.  The Ferdinand doesn’t rely on angles but rather sheer thickness which at tier 8 it’s frontal armor is great if people do not find your weak spots.  This guide for World of Tanks Ferdinand weak spots will provide effective armor values and specific areas to focus on while facing a Ferdinand so that you can hit the weakest points of it’s armor from any angle.

World of Tanks Ferdinand Weak Spots Frontal View


Frontally the Ferdinand has many strong points that at tier 8 will give it adequate protection even against higher tier tanks.  Even the yellow areas on this frontal view are still rather strong for most tanks that see the Ferdinand.  For weak spots you have the usual lower frontal glacis(LFG) that most tanks have and also a thin strip around the gun that is only 150mm thick with 0 armor behind it.  The mantlet #1 weak spot however is tough to use unless you absolutely need to since the gun module extends into the large mantlet and your chance of hitting it is very high.

UFG #3 is located on the “cheeks” of the Ferdinand’s hull armor and is much thinner than the surrounding frontal armor.  Even with the 50° angle on the UFG #3 area it is still a very weak piece of armor.

World of Tanks Ferdinand Weak Spots Side View


The Ferdinand’s armor scheme has a major flaw in that almost all of it’s armor is concentrated on the front of the tank.  As evident with this side view the side armor is weak across the entire side aside from a few spots that give lower penetrating guns some issues.  Avoid shooting the mantlet/gun area since there is actually no hull armor to damage even if you penetrate.

Rear View


Like the side armor the rear hull armor also suffers a similar fate with poor protection all around.  Avoid shooting the angled areas if you do not have a high penetrating gun and you will be fine with damaging a Ferdinand from the rear.

Angled View


If a Ferdinand driver angles in anyway the best place to hit them will always be the UFG #3 location(the cheek armor in the frontal view) since it is only 80mm thick and will not be angled very well.  However, if you cannot hit this location simply stick to the other frontal weak spots if the Ferdinand is not angled very much and switch to the side weak spots if it is angled heavily.

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