Weak Spot Guide: FCM 50 t

The tier 8 French premium “heavy” tank FCM 50 t is very mobile and players more like a medium tank than a heavy tank.  For a heavy tank the FCM 50 t has very poor armor since its large size and flat armor doesn’t allow it to shrug off many shells thrown its way.  For a medium tank however the FCM 50 t has decent armor and can deflect some shells from tier 7 tanks, tier 6 tanks and against tier 8+ tanks if it is angled well(and your enemies don’t know where to aim!).  This weak spot guide breaks up the FCM 50 t’s armor into the best(green) and worst(red) areas to shoot at and also areas in between in strength(yellow).

Frontal View


Overall the FCM 50 t’s frontal armor is very straightforward since it doesn’t have many angles to it and is very boxy.  Most tier 8 tanks can penetrate the entire hull on the front and will only struggle with the angled red sections on the turret front.  For tier 6 and 7 tanks sticking to the commanders cupola on the top of the tank is best and if that is not available then the yellow sections will still be able to penetrated.

Side View


 The side of the FCM 50 t is very weak due to it being covered by mostly 80mm of armor.  Stay away from the track sections covering the side hull since they are 30mm thick and you’ll be fine.

Rear View


The only section of the FCM 50 t’s rear that will pose issues is the angled sections of the turret and also the very top of the commander’s cupola.  Otherwise the rear will be very easy to damage.

This World of Tanks FCM 50 t weak spots guide will be updated at a later date to include effective armor values.

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