Weak Spot Guide: E 50 Ausf. M

For a tier 10 medium the E 50 Ausf. M has superb armor protection across most of its front.  While its armor doesn’t make it immune against most foes it does require knowledge to know where to penetrate it.  This guide for World of Tanks E50M weak spots will break down the entire tank and its effective armor values.  You will learn where to aim on the E50M no matter what angle you are facing one at.  Even for side weak sides and rear armor knowing what spots to avoid will avoid missing a potential easy penetration.

World of Tanks E50M Weak Spots |Video|

World of Tanks E50M Weak Spots |Frontal View|

World of Tanks E50M Weak Spots Frontal View

Almost the entirety of the E50M’s armor is located on the front of the tank.  Its hull armor specifically is very well protected with a 320mm effective upper glacis.  The lower glacis sits at 255mm effective at the top lip that carriers over some 150mm armor from the upper glacis.  Further down the lower glacis is 120mm thick instead of 100mm like the tier 9 E50.  While most of the lower glacis is 209mm effective it is very difficult to penetrate at close ranges.  This is because most tanks will be firing down on it and thus increasing the angle of impact.

Unfortunately for the E50M its turret front is very weak.  This is strange considering most high tier German tanks have very thick armor in this area.  The E50M’s turret front is only 185mm thick giving it 197mm effective armor.  Compared to the rest of the front of the tank this is the easiest weak spot to hit.  There are a couple view finders on the turret sides that only have 60mm of spaced armor protecting them.  Hitting these areas is very difficult since only a small sliver has zero armor behind it from the front view.  Last but not least the commander’s cupola for a tier 10 isn’t very well protected.  Only the outside edges and top angled section will prove troublesome to penetrate reliably.

World of Tanks E50M Weak Spots |Side View|

World of Tanks E50M Weak Spots Side View

Unlike the front armor the side armor of the E50M is extremely weak.  While the front has great angles and very thick armor the side does not.  Almost the entire side falls below 154mm effective armor.  Only a few small spots on the commander’s cupola and turret front are stronger.  One thing of importance is the rear of the E50M.  The hull armor doesn’t extend to what appears to be the end of the hull.  Instead it ends a little short since these purple areas have no hull armor behind them.

World of Tanks E50M Weak Spots |Rear View|

World of Tanks E50M Weak Spots Rear

Like the side armor the rear armor is also extremely weak for a tier 10.  Simply avoid shooting the angled turret sides and commander’s cupola and you find success.

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