Weak Spot Guide: Churchill I

The Churchill I is the first of 3 Churchill variants(total of 4 in the game) in the U.K heavy line.  At tier 5 it has a very good overall armor scheme and relies on both raw armor thickness and angles. For practically purposes not all armor values are included on the “angled view” due to multiple small areas and not enough room to fit all the information in a comprehensible way.  They are still color coded to take into account their effective armor values compared to the rest of the vehicle.

The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor (EA) refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization.

 The armor values are presented in three different scenarios for the angled view of the tank.15° frontal(75° side),  25° frontal(65° side), 35° frontal(55° side), and 45° frontal(45° side).  A# refers to specific spots on the hull while T# refers to specific turret locations.

Frontal View

Frontally the Churchill I can be a very difficult opponent for players to first face due to it’s size and armor set up.  The strongest parts of the frontal armor are the UFG#1 plate(178mm thick) and the heavily sloped UFG#3 plate since it is at 70 degrees.  
For most tanks you can avoid these two places and hit anywhere else for easy damage. Lower penetrating guns should focus on the LFG or the hatch located in UFG#2.

Side View

The side profile of the Churchill I is straight forward armor wise.  The larger tracks wrap around the hull armor and these areas are more difficult to damage. Focusing in the center of the side hull is the weakest armor besides the A4/A5 areas which can be difficult to hit the small “slit” covering a 0 armor hole.  Avoid hitting to low or towards the end of the track areas since they are either unable to sustain HP damage or are heavily armored.
The side turret armor is weak like the frontal turret armor but just be careful not to hit the box hanging off of the back which does not do HP damage.

Rear View

The rear of the Churchill I is very weak and easy to damage barring a few locations.  The lower rear armor(RHA#3) is actually heavily angled and will bounce rounds that do not over match it(48mm+ guns) and the main part of the rear is partiality covered by spaced armor.
The rear of the turret remains weak like the front/sides besides the heavily armored side turret pieces. Like the frontal view there is also locations to damage the Churchill I through the track areas.

Angled View


Here is where things…..get kind of complex.  I did not include every small area’s armor values to make it easier to understand but those areas are still color coded to show it’s strength.  For turret armor specifics see the frontal/side views.

When a Churchill angles slightly the LFG and weak spots in the front armor are the way to go to damage it. Once the side armor is visible and non-auto bounce the “corner” area of the Churchill is very weak if you avoid shooting the spaced armor wedge located there.  Once the upper side hull and lower side hull fall under 65° shoot away since they are not thick and not angled on their own.

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  1. Terrific.

    Now we just need guides for the Churchill VII and Black Prince.

    • Those are going to be a little bit due to the complexity of the armor(same as this one just different armor values).

  2. Hi, I have an AMX 40 with the best gun and turret equipped along with the suspension and engine. I came face to face with a Churchill I and aimed for the thin piece of armour near the gun mantlet. However, all my shots bounced and the only damage I succeeded in doing was breaking his tracks. There is no point trying to outmanoeuvre one in an AMX 40, so can you help?

    • AMX 40 is probably the worst tank in the game…no joke. The only thing you can do is aim at the green weak spots in the hull(the gun one is harder to hit). Carry a few premium rounds(for credits) to deal with tough tanks like that. I carry between 5%-20% premium shells on most of my tanks since the way the game is designed you come against tanks not easily damaged. In some instances even knowing weak spots won’t help depending on which tank you are in and are shooting at.

  3. Hi. I’m running a maxed out M37 shooting standard ammo out of the Howitzer. I’m coming across a fair amount if Churchills and they give me fits. I can get 3-4 penatrating hits but only do about 50% dmg. I know there is potential for far more as I did hit one with a single shot and did 444 dmg. I have not been able to replicate that though. What are the weak spots on this thing from above?

    • u dont need to aim for weak spots with arty, just get the tank in the center of your circle

      • yes you need to aim with arty
        never aim turret except open top TD-s
        try to find a flat surface on the hull
        in case of CH1 aim behind the turret

        • It’s a little more complicated than that with arties, and usually dependent on shell trajectory. High trajectories you can usually aim directly at the target with fair success as you get a feel for how to manipulate the center of aim on a target. aiming this way, you can aim for the space of armor between the turret and the side nearest you. On a flatter shell trajectory, you’ll want to aim a little bit behind the target to improve the chance that your shell will be aimed with the tank dead center rather than having the auto-compensator aim it in such a manner that most of the tank lay lower than the center of the actual reticle. The best chance at scoring a hit would be to aim with the enemy turret centered along the aimed trajectory… but with most tanks, the best chance of scoring high damage or full penetration will be to aim more towards the rear as a result of this area often times being covered with vents and hatches for the engine. The Churchill I is just such a case. The difference between smacking it in the turret with the SU-122A, and smacking it in the vents is quite pronounced, with the former often doing less than 40% of listed damage, with the latter transforming it into a smoldering heap of scrap metal…. however, the latter also has the higher chance of sailing over the Churchill I to explode harmlessly well behind it. I have to say, when it comes to exploiting the top side weakspots on tanks, the more perfect the circle, the more worthwhile that gamble is.

  4. Nice guide, but I am missing one point on here. With the Churchill I beeing one of my favourite tanks and thus fighting a lot of them myself I find that one huge weak spot is the upgraded turret (the one with the flat front and just 90° angles). The front armor of this is about 80 mm and it is a fairly big target. Plus whenever he is aiming at you he will make it actually easier for you to hurt him. Also the churchills hull is flat and easy to hide, often making the turret the only available target. Of course with lower tiers you will still have a hard time getting through this plate but at least for tier 5+ heavies and tds I think this is definitely good to know.

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