Weak Spot Guide: AT 8

On paper the tier 6 British tank destroyer AT 8 looks like it is tough opponent to penetrate frontally with its 203mm listed value.  Its sides and rear also have decent 101mm listed values and while these armor thicknesses make the AT 8 difficult to penetrate it does not make it immune if you know where to aim.  Although the AT 8’s armor scheme has 203mm across most of the front it has a critical flaw that shows a massive weak spot on the left side of the tank and also on the top of the tank.  One thing to keep in mind is that the AT 8 is a very short tank height wise and that although some of its armor is strong due to angling if you are shooting down at the AT 8 some area will become much weaker.

This guide is for World of Tanks AT 8 weak spots and breaks down the tank destroyer into areas based on effective armor values.  The easiest places to penetrate are green, yellow areas are your next best shot, and red areas are the toughest armor.  Purple areas are either areas with only track armor, high chance of zero-damage critical hits, or places with no hull armor behind it to cause HP damage at all.

AT 8 Frontal Weak Spots


Frontally the AT 8 is very difficult to damage if you approach it like other tanks and try to damage it via the frontal lower glacis.  Most of the hull and center superstructure area of the AT 8’s frontal profile is covered by 203mm armor with the angled glacis plate 76mm at 70 degrees.  The large yellow area on the superstructure(around the gun) is 203mm thick but is only angled at 6 degrees making it weak for some tanks the AT 8 faces.  Just above this flat section is a slightly angled area that drops to 127mm at 43 degrees making it only have 174mm effective armor and is much easier to penetrate.

Moving onto the weakest points of the AT 8’s frontal armor you have the large section on the left side of the tank around the smaller secondary gun.  This area is only covered by 76mm and 63.5mm thick armor making it very easy to damage even if you are in a lower tier tank.  On top of the tank you have not one, not two, but three cupolas/hatches to use as weak spots.  All three are weak with the largest one in the back the most straightforward to damage since it has less complicated angles.  Nonetheless with the weak spots on top of the tank and the large left secondary gun weak spot you won’t have to much difficultly dealing with an enemy AT 8 if you stick to these weak spots.

AT 8 Side Weak Spots


The side profile of the AT 8 is extremely weak compared to the frontal profile and offers little hope of soaking up damage.  The only “strong” area is the small strip of 203mm thick armor that is barely visible from the side.  Otherwise the yellow areas are present but also very small and easy to avoid if you aim properly.  The side is mostly covered by 101.6mm armor that is overlapped by 30mm track armor and 38.1mm spaced armor in the center of the tracks.  Stick to shooting the side hull and keep in mind to avoid the track area if you are firing HE, HESH, or HEAT rounds.

AT 8 Rear Weak Spots


Much like the side armor the rear armor of the AT 8 is also very easy to penetrate unless you hit one of the small areas with decent armor.  There is a small red strip on the bottom of the tank that has 210mm effective armor due to the angle and on top of the cupola are two 190mm effective armor areas.  Otherwise fire away since the rest of the AT 8’s armor on the rear either has 151mm effective armor or lower down to 76mm effective armor.

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