Weak Spot Guide: AMX M4 49

The AMX M4 49 packs a ton of armor for a French tank on the front of the tank.  Although a premium tank it can take a beating even from tier 10 tanks thanks to its impressive armor values.  Unlike most tanks there is no clear weak spot on the hull nor most of the turret since most of the armor is above 248mm effectiveness.  Did the French mess up and leave one hole in the AMX M4 49’s armor frontally? Find out below!  This guide for World of Tanks AMX M4 49 weak spots breaks down all relevant armor areas on the tank and helps you destroy them with ease.

World of Tanks AMX M4 49 Weak Spots | Frontal |

Frontally the AMX M4 49 is a tough nut to crack for most tanks tier 9 and lower.  Even tier 10 tanks have a good chance at bouncing off the frontal armor since most of it is over 248mm effective armor.  Driving this tank you will want to keep your frontal armor pointing directly at the enemy since the side armor is abysmally weak.  Angling isn’t advised since the cheek armor loses its strength once angled, and side shots near the front cause ammo rack damage.  Luckily for those facing an AMX M4 49 the French(or Wargaming) decided to leave the cupola unprotected. Seriously, why have a tank with a ton of frontal armor just to have a 40mm/60mm thick cupola that looks like a giant beach ball?

Outside of this cupola your gun will need to have a minimum of 200mm of penetration(250mm max penetration roll) to have a small chance at penetrating the front armor.  If the cupola isn’t an option try to shoot at any area where the angle is negated due to your position.  If possible try to get to the sides of the AMX M4 49 and shoot behind the front area of the tank to damage its weak ammo rack.

World of Tanks AMX M4 49 Weak Spots | Side |

Mentioned earlier is the AMX M4 49’s non-existent side armor.  Simply point, click, and avoid the small bits of front armor and you are golden.

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