Weak Spot Guide: AMX AC mle. 48

The tier 8 French tank destroyer AMC AC mle. 48’s armor scheme is designed as an “all or nothing” approach that make the armor across the AMX AC mle. 48 drastically change from very strong armor to very weak armor in many areas.  99% of the strong armor on the AMX AC mle. 48 is located on the front of the tank destroyer to present a very difficult frontal profile to enemies.  The sides and rear of the tank destroyer have virtually no armor compared to the frontal profile and are very easy to damage.  This guide is for World of Tanks AMX AC mle 48 weak spots and will break down the tank destroyer into areas based on effective armor values.  Green areas are the easiest to damage, followed by yellow areas, and red areas have the most effective armor.  Purple areas are areas that are prone to zero damage critical hits or have no hull armor behind them.

AMX AC mle. 48 Frontal Weak Spots



Frontally the AMX AC mle 48’s hull armor is terrific since it is both thick and at a very good angle against enemy tanks.  The lower glacis is a weak spot against tier 9/10 tanks and some tier 8 tanks but due to it being low to the ground and angled well it is difficult for a lot of tanks to penetrate it.  Around the gun is immune to most incoming shells but there are two small areas just above and below the gun with up to 210mm effective armor.

Most of the weak spots frontally are located on top of the tank destroyer where there are three cupolas/view ports/machine guns that jut up from the roof and all are poorly armored.  Two important things to remember about using these prime weak spots have to deal with armor thickness and spaced armor.  The right “winged” cupola has space armor on both ends that will not take damage from the front so make sure to aim in the center of it.  Also, across the bottom of both frontal cupolas on the front of the roof there is very thick armor that is difficult for some tanks to damage.  Also, if the opportunity presents itself the roof is only 30mm thick and can be overmatched by 90mm+ guns.

AMX AC mle. 48 Side Weak Spots


Nothing to see here…..Just avoid the red areas around the gun on the front of the tank and you will have no trouble damaging the side of the AMX AC mle. 48.

AMX AC mle. 48 Rear Weak Spots


Like the side armor the rear armor is pitiful and you should have no issue damaging it.  Just avoid the spaced armor sections highlighted in purple and you will be ready to fire away.

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