Weak Spot Guide: AMX 50 Foch

The AMX 50 Foch at tier 9 is very well armored from the front with very small weak spots and lightly armored on the remaining portions of the tanks.

The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor (EA) refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization.

 The armor values are presented in three different scenarios for the angled view of the tank.15° frontal(75° side),  25° frontal(65° side), 35° frontal(55° side), and 45° frontal(45° side).  A# refers to specific spots on the hull while T# refers to specific turret locations.

Frontal View


Frontally the Foch is very difficult to damage since both frontal glacis’ are very strong due to the 180mm and 100mm thickness’ at 55°.  Avoid shooting the mantlet area as the strongest portions around the gun are 180mm thick with an additional 180mm behind that. The “gun hole” are very small and is pretty much impossible to hit so you will always hit 360mm of armor.  The areas around the mantlet are the same thickness as the UFG(180mm) but are angled in a way that make it impossible to damage. Avoid shooting the 100mm LFG at under 100m.
The main weak spots from the front are the hatches on top…but at the same time they can be tricky to damage since even they are heavily armored on the front parts.  The “A1” area on the right side of the tank(from this viewpoint) is 180mm thick but with minimal angles making it easy to damage and the “A2” area drops to 50mm. However, if you hit the purple parts surrounding it(which are 120mm thick) even if you penetrate it will do no damage as there is no HP hit box there.  The hatch on the left side of the tank(from this viewpoint) is slightly less armored on the “A3/A4” areas that are 100mm/50mm thick with varying angles.  If you don’t hit it well your round can easily bounce off and the bottom portion jumps up to 180mm as well.

Side View

From the side the AMX 50 Foch is very easy to damage aside from a few small spots and the armor layout is pretty straight forward. The only “tricky” spot would be the “A3” area which as you remember from the front is spaced armor.  From the side the ends of the spaced armor portion are 50mm thick and you can shoot through it and hit the HP hit box. However, the model is quite funky and your shell can actually pass through one side and out the other without doing any damage at all which is why I do not recommend hitting it.

Angled View

 If a Foch driver ever angles be happy! Once the sides drop below 70° they become easily damageable by most tanks facing one. Even when the sides are over 70°(auto-bounce angle) high caliber guns 150mm and over can still go through due to over match. Both the upper side hull and lower side hull are gigantic weak spots.  The hatches on top remain tricky to damage if you miss the small weak spots on both.  The side of the mantlet which is orange in this screenshot becomes a viable weak spot the more the Foch angles if for some reason you cannot hit the sides of the tank.

Rear View

The rear of this tank is straight forward…Shoot it anywhere except for the spaced armor or track portions and you will be fine.

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