Weak Spot Guide: 113

The tier 10 Chinese heavy tank 113 is an unusual heavy tank at tier 10 since while it does have good armor it gets it’s armor effectiveness from two different methods.  On the hull armor the upper frontal glacis(UFG) is only 120mm thick but is angled at 68° making it not only tough to most shells firing at it, but with an extra bit of angling this portion of the armor can easily reach the auto-bounce level for APCR shells(need it to be at 72°), AP shells(need it to be at 75°) and HEAT shells at 80°(need it to be at 80°).  This makes the upper glacis very tough unless it is at close range where you can fire down at it.  On the turret the 113 shifts from relying almost completely on angles to sheer thickness with some angles added in to make it very strong.  Overall the 113’s armor is concentrated in the frontal armor and in very specific places.  The rest of the tank along with specific spot such as the cupolas and lower frontal glacis are extremely weak.

The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor (EA) refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization.

Frontal Views



From the front  the 113 has a good amount of armor if you hit it in the wrong place.  Good 113 drivers will know about their upper glacis being near auto-bounce and will try to find small bumps/hills to hide their very weak lower glacis and to make their upper glacis immune.  However, as you can see in both the first and second frontal view the 113 also has turret weak spots.  Around the gun there are some small weak spots around/under the mantlet which are hard to hit but as there if needed.  Just next to the mantlet in area #2 and area #3 are viable weak spots for most tanks facing the 113.  The cupolas are also very weak on top with the outside part being easier to penetrate than the inner portion.

One thing to note about the turret roof(area #11) and it being 40mm.  This part of the roof actually juts upward between the two cupolas and is visible to most tanks unless if you are driving a very short tank.  Make sure you are hitting back near the cupolas to hit the 40mm sections and overmatch the armor with any guns 120mm or above.

Side/Angled/Rear Views

The 113’s side/rear and angled views are being worked on.  With the armor being very weak on the 113 outside of the frontal armor just avoid shooting the turret armor since it is a bit stronger than the flimsy hull armor the 113 has on the side/rear and you will be fine.  For HEAT shells the spaced armor sections found on the frontal view(on the side of the upper glacis) extends along the entire side of the 113 just above the tracks so shooting HEAT shells here is advised against.

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