Weak Spot Guide: 112

The tier 8 Chinese premium heavy tank 112 has great frontal armor protection for a tier 8 heavy tank and since it does not see tier 10 tanks it makes its armor even more reliable.  The 112 relies on great angling to achieve its effective armor and finding flat armor and/or thin armor will spell doom for the 112.  Like other heavy tank that focus a lot on the frontal armor and angling the 112’s side and rear armor is poorly protected and can be easily damaged by any tank facing it.  This guide will break down the 112’s armor into weak spots(green), strong armor(red), and armor that is modestly strong but can still be damaged by most enemies of the 112(yellow).

Frontal View


Frontally the 112 has a ton of armor across the hull and turret aside from a few weak spots.  The upper glacis of the 112 is only 120mm thick but is angled at 68 degrees making it have 320mm of effective armor.  This makes it immune to practically every round it encounters unless premium ammunition is involved and/or enemies negate the angle by firing from above.  The red sections of the turret front are also immune to shells, barring any shells with over 330mm of penetration, since the red sections are 280mm and above in effective armor.  The mantlet is virtually immune to shells aside from the yellow area which only has 244mm of effective armor.

The yellow “cheeks” on the turret front that are triangles are flatter than the other frontal turret sections and only have 246mm of effective armor.  These areas are still very tough for tier 8 and tier 9 tanks to penetrate but are still useful if you are in a pinch.  Like most tanks the 112 has a frontal lower glacis weak spot and it only has 111mm of effective armor.  The top cupolas are stronger since they are covered by 150mm of armor, however looking at the right cupola from this view the top of it is only 25mm thick so it can be overmatched.

Side View


The 112’s side armor is much weaker than the frontal armor and any tank that the 112 faces can easily penetrate it.  Avoid the red sections since they are either thick or very well angled.  There are three areas where a 75mm gun or above can overmatch the armor and one is surprisingly behind the spaced armor on the hull(very thin strip of 25mm armor behind it).  Even with track armor covering a lot of the hull the 112 still stands no chance against enemies unless if they are firing HE/HEAT for some reason since the armor is only 80mm with 20mm of track armor.

Rear View


The rear of the 112 is also very weak and easy to deal with if you avoid the red sections that are well angled.  It is recommended to stick to firing at the rear hull or the rear turret in the center since these areas are very weak and large in size.  Once again the overmatch area on top of the one cupola can be used if that is the only thing you are able to aim at.

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