Valentine’s Day Contest!


Due to the test server dropping unexpectedly today I am going to push this back to the weekend with a different gift shop prize. Stay tuned for screenshots, replays, and more info on all the new tanks incoming later tonight!

The time has come again for another contest to take place.  Today(Feb. 14th) only you have a chance at winning the Valentine’s Day gift shop package found here.

Unlike previous contests where you simply need to leave your in-game name this one requires a bit of luck and skill.

The rules are very simple….Kill me today(no team kills) in any public match and post the match recap(with my death) here in the comment section to claim your prize!  Obviously trying to submit any false photo shopped will not work since I record all of my battles(which I will check to verify) and killing me on your own team will not count either.  First to accomplish this will walk away with the prize. If nobody accomplishes it then the prize will go unclaimed. No worries though, if it goes unclaimed I will run another event in the following days.

I will be playing tier 6-10(to cover most players) starting around 4pm EST.  Event ends at midnight Feb 14th EST.

3 Comments on "Valentine’s Day Contest!"

  1. scottgraham727 | February 14, 2013 at 2:46 pm |

    What user name will you be under?

  2. scottgraham727 | February 14, 2013 at 2:47 pm |

    Sry not eanoufgh coffee this morning.

  3. boo, i won’t be around 🙁

    Good luck to those who are participating 😛

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