USS New Jersey (BB-62) Trip

The other day I took a trip the the USS New Jersey (BB-62) located in the Philadelphia, PA / Camden, NJ area.  The USS New Jersey is an Iowa class battleship and is now a museum that is open for tours, etc.  Although this does not really fit into the tank nature of this website I do plan on covering World of Warships when it gets closer to release so if there is interest I can do more articles like this since I have a few more places around me ship wise.  I also have an excellent museum with airplanes such a TBM-Avenger, BT-13 Valiant, F-14 Tomcat, MiG-15, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-5E Tiger II and more.

Below are some photos I took of the USS New Jersey and to start with I am only going to up 53 photos of the roughly 230 photos I have in total.  The other photos are mainly specific details when it comes to the guns/shells, armor/ship layout, historical photos, and information relating to other battleships such as the Bismark and Yamato.  If there is enough interest I’ll upload more photos since the museum located inside of the USS New Jersey was gigantic and full of historical information.  To find out more information as far as the USS New Jersey you can hop over to their website linked below.

To see full sized photos click on the photos below.

Outside of the Ship

The photos in this section were taken around and aboard the USS New Jersey and are outside of the ship’s interior.

Inside the Ship

Inside of the ship’s interior you will see photos of all the commanding officers, inside one of the main turrets(rear one), inside of a secondary turret, the radio room, communications/radar/sonar hub, and the bridge.  Man that driver had quite a lot of armor surrounding him.

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  1. Nice photos, man =)
    Looking forward to WoWS’s open beta, it seems really promising.

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