Just a small notice.  Due to Hurricane Sandy(I live in Cape May,New Jersey) new content will be postponed until next week or later depending on what unfolds this evening into tomorrow.  Hopefully this storm does not do as much damage as it is foretasted to do and everyone in the path stays safe.  Currently the town I live in has most of it’s areas flooded a few feet with more expected as the storm makes landfall and power has gone out all around my house. Remains to be seen how long/if any flooding or power outages reaches where I am at. Good luck to anyone in the path in the storm.


What to look forward to when I return… Have each of these projects at different levels of completion but due to the internet issues I’ve been unable to complete testing.

Super Pershing weak spot guide update with more detailed armor values

IS-6 weak spot guide

IS-4/IS-7 weak spot guide updates with more detailed armor values

M4A3A2 Jumbo Sherman tank guide

Conqueror/FV215b weak spot guides

Various map tactics/strategies




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