Update 9.5 New British Tanks Review + Videos

The World of Tanks 9.5 update has been out for several days now and  the new light tanks, medium tanks, and tank destroyers are starting to show up in more and more battles.  The new British tanks bring with them a ton of firepower on mobile chassis, making them a deadly enemy to face.  However, they do lack durability and gun depression which makes them also a very specialized branch of tanks.  The first video linked below goes over all the new British tanks introduced in the World of Tanks 9.5 update along with other features such as the improved mini map.

Link to full World of Tanks 9.5 patch notes that can be found on the official website


You can also find short reviews on here for the new British tanks in the “Which Tank Line is Right For You” page found here for the British tanks.


Charioteer | FV4004 Conway | FV4005 Stage II Gameplay

Archer Gameplay

FV4005 Stage II Gameplay (Includes 5,000+ Damage Match)

Challenger Gameplay (Includes 6 Kill Match)

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