Working on a few new things.  Should have them up early to mid next week, been a tad busy with my job. Yes, I do have a job contrary to what a few trolls believe!

Redshire Map Strategy

Steppes Map Strategy

T29 Weak Spot Guide

Tortoise Weak Spot Guide

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  1. partisan1941 | March 23, 2013 at 6:25 am |

    hi wot guru, ty for future updates (i’m looking forward to t29 weakspot guide). Just wanted to say thank you for posting all the useful information. I found this site recently and for me it has been very beneficial.

  2. i wonder what the tortoise mean? XD

  3. T29! :O

  4. Batter make start from tier 5 british TD up to tier 10 , the AT-2 weak Sport many ppl don know about it . Event me also need close battle to kill it . Sorry for my english

  5. Hi there and thanks for the awesome site. It is a great tool to use and I love it.

    If possible, I have a request which I would like for you to do a comparison of the T10 medium tanks, or at least a review on each of them.
    The reason being, is I love the Cromwell and I am looking at which T10 has a similar style of play. From what I have seen, the Bat Chat or the T-62A would be the closest, followed by the E50M/FV4202 but I havent been able to confirm that on the forums.

    Thanks once again for the site and keep up the good work.

    • I’ll keep it in mind. I’m busier than I was in the winter months so it might take a bit of time for a full guide for them. If you like the cromwell you’ll probably like the T-62a or BatChat(possibly the new Leopard coming out).

      Bat is the fastest with a ton of burst damage with it’s drum. Like the Cromwell it does damage, then runs away to re-position. T-62a is a bit slower but still fast and unlike the cromwell has good accuracy while moving. You do damage from mid range at first then later on in the game start to flank and press harder since you have great DPM. The new leopard will be very lightly armored but have a great gun, gun depression, and mobility(sort of like a better M48).

      • Great thanks for the info. I am disappointed to see that both the FV4202 and the M48 are so slow. That kinda defeats the point of being a medium doesnt it?
        I will most certainly be looking at the new Leapord, just recently bought the Vk/DB to grind towards it.
        As for the Bat Chat and T-62A, They both seem to be closer to the Cromwell just by looking at the stats, so I will most likely be getting the Bat Chat first as I am closer to the AMX13-90 than I am to the T43/KV13.
        Thanks once again for all the usefull info!

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