Upcoming March to Victory Special Event

Coming up in March(my guess is it still start March 9th) there will be a “March to Victory” event happening in World of Tanks on the NA server and it will be very similar to the one upcoming on the WoT Asia server.  This World of Tanks March to Victory event will bring a ton of credits, free premium tanks, and a ton of other goodies.  The March to Victory event should run similarly on the NA server as you see it on the Asia server, but the NA server’s rewards will be different.  The rewards listed below might change but they should provide a good representation of the NA event’s rewards compared to the Asia event rewards.

Here is a look at the rewards you can potentially get in the upcoming March to Victory event, the event will apparently last for 60 days with the grand prize a SU-122-44 for logging in for all 60 days(March 9th-May 9th).

March to Victory Event Rewards

1) 50,000 daily log-in credit bonus.  No need to play a battle as it is rewarded for simply logging into the client

2) Equipment bonuses for logging in for five consecutive days.  These will be tiered awards and the longer you participate the greater the rewards will get.

3) Participating for 30 days will grant you a free premium tank, and for logging in for 60 days the free premium tank will be a SU-122-44.

4) Premium account time and other bonuses for logging into the client rewarded along with the equipment, credit, and premium tank awards.

Link to March to Victory event page when it goes live

This link will direct you the the March to Victory event once it’s post is published on the NA server.



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