Tips: 2 Tips to Improve Your Game

Time and time again I see in random public matches players making a certain mistake without realizing they are hurting their chance at winning the match and pissing people off in the process.  I am referring to knowing how to drive while around other players and mainly driving in front of or behind players.  This comes with any online competitive game like first person shooters, etc. where players interact with one another. One person leaves a spot and another jumps in only for the first player to be stuck with no cover.
But why?  Sure you might live slightly longer but after the enemy dispatches your team mate you’ll be next.  It is always better to leave room for an ally leaving the safety of a building, rock, etc. so that they can reverse without bumping into you.  Merely moving back some or better yet positioning yourself with room for their tank in between your tank and the cover will increase both of your chances of survival.
Another aspect of driving around others it to take note of going in front of a teammate’s tank or the direction in which their turret is facing. Why? Because if they are in sniper mode or have lag they might not see you until after they fire.  Countless times I have had players drive in front of me while sniping and a small percentage of that time yes I do shoot them accidentally.  For those times they do get damaged if they had waited for my reload, driven behind me, or said something in chat it could have been avoided.  Any avoidable damage(especially by your own team) is a good thing!
Now to the great AP/HE debate and when to use either shell type.  New players don’t always know the difference between the two and pick the wrong type or the wrong amount of each for their tank.  Artillery and “Derp” HE cannons on normal tanks like the 152 M-10 on the KV-2 should generally carry almost all HE shells aside from 1-2 AP.  How do you tell if your cannon is a “HE gun”? Typically these cannons have very low penetration, lower accuracy, and a higher caliber than other cannon than others on the same tank. If you find yourself unable to penetrate tanks with a specific weapon then add a few more HE shells for each match and find your comfort zone.
Onto the majority of other tanks/cannons in World of Tanks. Most heavies, mediums, lights, and tank destroyers use guns that AP is the most viable option for your most used shell.  However, loading 100% AP shells is not advised as HE still plays a very crucial role.  Even in tanks with high penetration like the tier 10 M48A1 I carry 50 APCR(AP) rounds and 7 HE rounds.  Typically I keep at least 1 HE shell in any tank I use and more in tanks with higher ammo amounts. HE can be used to reset caps(since they will do damage even if they dont penetration) and also damage opponents you are unable to penetrate in a specific situation.
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