Tip: “The Wiggle”

If you have watched videos of other players playing World of Tanks you’ll see that some of them do little movements that seem to be pointless. Whether it is forward/backwards or left/right some players move around and don’t completely stop until they need to shoot or aim at a weak spot.  I refer to this as “wiggling” even though there isn’t a coined term for this tactic I find it describes it fairly accurately.

Wiggling does a few things.  Firstly, it throws off some players since they are fixated on shooting a specific shot, and moving that spot slightly left/right etc. will make them aim for a second or more longer(and thus improving your survive-ability).  Secondly, once you master wiggling you can time reloads and at the last second you can shift your tank to make their shot hit a sharper angle, strong point, or your track. ,  And lastly even if you can’t time shots or are against a decent player it still adds a bit of “luck” into whether they damage you since it might hit at a sharper angle, near a track, etc. etc.

Oh and I almost forgot! Remember your friend artillery? It is much harder to hit a target that isn’t sitting still or traveling in a straight line with spotted than a tank moving all over the place!  All it takes is that slight movement to go from a shell landing directly on your tank to that shell landing just off the side.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to be doing three-sixties out there! For example a tank like the T110E5/IS-7 you’ll want to stick with moving forward/backwards or just slightly tapping left/right since your armor is most effective pointing straight ahead.  Other tanks that are lightly armored such as the M46 Patton /Tiger a lot of the time you know your armor doesn’t stand a chance, so wiggling a bit more to hopefully get them to hit at a bounce angle or 0 damage a track is more suitable.

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