Tip: Playing as the Little Guy

Everyone has faced the problem of being thrown into a match where they are either at the bottom of the team list or are close to it.  Whether you are a tier 4 scout in a tier 8 match or a tier 6 medium in a tier 9 match it can be a bit discouraging, but don’t let it be!

Keep in mind that even as the low tank on the chopping block in a specific match you can have a great effect on it’s outcome.  Don’t expect to be the one who carries your team with 5+ kills or lead the charge but do expect to contribute more then whining and driving off to death in the first minute of the match.

Here is a guideline I use when I am faced with these situations.

1. Am I in a fast tank? If yes I will not drive off and scout to my death, but rather do one of two things.  Initially drive to a good defensible point on the map that can be covered by the higher tiers on my team. FOr example on Himmelsdorf the central area of the map to many is a death zone. However if you drive across to the other side two either corner on the opposite side’s courtyard you will not only be scouting the enemies around you, but will draw attention as higher tiers try to kill you instead of the more important tanks on your team.

The second option of being in a fast tank is to hold back and intercept incoming scouts. Once this is completed you have the option of darting through an exposed area in the enemy defense or better yet flank tanks that your team is engaged with and stuck against.  Don’t worry about doing damage, just stay alive and be annoying and draw attention away and it’ll do wonders.

2. Oh great I am in a slow tank! Stuck in a low tier heavy tank in a high tier match? Sure it is not ideal but you can be useful.  Much like being a faster low tier tank you don’t want to go in expecting to do a ton of damage. Instead assist your high tier tanks by covering their reloads, tracking their enemies, and even taking a shot for them.  For example say you are in a M6 in a high tier match on Ruinberg in the city.  You find yourself with your team’s top T34 against the other team’s Tiger II.  Your T34 has a much longer reload and doesnt stand a chance if the Tiger II puts on pressure.  As the M6 track the Tiger II before he rounds a corner to face your T34 or if he does come around the corner use yourself a shield and take a shot for your T34.

3. Don’t be selfish.  We all want more experience and silver and to get this you mainly need to do damage to tanks.  But more importantly you need to win and playing as a support tank instead of rushing out trying to do a small amount of damage to quickly end your match won’t get you anywhere but being frustrated. Use these matches to help improve your teamwork skill and look at it as a nice challenge at being the underdog in the fight.  You’ll be rewarded in the end if your team wins much more than dying in the first minute and rage quitting.

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  1. Great tips! Just doing any of these tips is far better than complaining and camping at base; and makes the game more enjoyable. I’ve always had a blast being a nuisance to the heavies in my little light tanks. I take the aggro while teammates shoot ’em up.

  2. Great tips man. They help a lot

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