Thanksgiving WoT Guru Giveaway!

***Winners have been chosen. Please see the link below for more details.***

Let me start off by saying thank you to the viewers of WoT Guru.  Without you guys I wouldn’t be doing any of this and with you I am able to give away a few things from time to time.  Like past giveaways all you have to do is leave your in-game World of Tanks in the comment section of this post before the selection period starts.  NA server only(sorry EU/RU but I cannot gift easily to other servers due to WG) and only one submission per username.  You have until November 26th at 9pm EST to submit your name before the drawing takes place.  After that period no new submissions will count and the winners will be announced by Wednesday the 27th 9pm EST.  Each winner will be randomly drawn by a number assigned to them and a random number generated.

There will be two prizes you can win. First off is any gift shop package(s) valued $55 or under(you can select up to two packages of a combined lesser or equal to value of $55 if you would like).  The second prize will be any gift shop package under $20(like the previous prize you can bundle 2 if you would like to).  You can choose any package so if you would like World of Warplanes gifts that is acceptable.


1. One submission per username

2. Must submit before November 26th, 9pm EST

3. NA server only(again sorry EU/RU!)

4. Must not be a complete troll/hated player of the community(I’ll use my judgement to decide this)

5. The minimum requirement to be entered is simply leave a valid NA server username. You can add more if you’d like but its not necessary.

Also, if you could refrain from posting additional comments(that do not include your username) it would help me select the winners much faster.  I have to go through and screen/exclude any comments that aren’t submissions so that the selection process is accurate.

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    Lol one timezone behind

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