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My internet/computer decided to crap out on me the past two days so the usual test server pictures/preview will be delayed until tomorrow night/Sunday/Monday at the latest.  I doubt I will be doing breakdowns of each and every SPG since honestly they do not interest me very much, but I do plan on going over the more major changes with camo, spotting, and changes for armor/shells.  Sorry for the delay and stay tuned!

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  1. Deadshadows | June 3, 2013 at 9:58 am |

    If you need help you can contact me, i’m playing on test server for testing (oblivious)

    Ive watched SPG stats, its nothing really big more or less the same as before : one shoot killed (or 2 shoots if gun not this powerfull), Tier 9 seem to be “old tier 8” / “new tier 10” spg with a little less power, for the other i didnt really watched as some are tier 2 other tier 4 and there is not too much of random matches at this tier on test server …
    The biggest news is French SPG tier 4 going Tier 5 (yeah ! ive gained 1 tier without doing a thing !)
    Tier 2 + 3 german spg going tier 3 + 4 …
    after that … dont seen much thing …

    For armor high tier are really harder to penetrate (T95 is back to beiing more or less impossible to pen from face and Maus NEED to be shooted at weakspot for being damaged)

    For Shell : less normalization for Premium = they are more or less useless (i think) then armor is a little slopped … (tryed to shoot 25 APCR : 25 bounced …)

    For spotting i didnt really could test but for camo …
    I dont know if it was cause other were at crew 100% with coated optic or else but my favorite tank (hellcat, 100% crew + BIA + Camo at 90%+ (3 crew at 100% and 2 at 80+%) + camo premium + camo net) who is pretty camoflaged (already spotted ennemies at 60 and 56m without beiing spotted (6th sense)) was spotted at 300+m

    I would like to know more about this change in camo too cause this update will make gun more accurate, great for sniping, but camo less effective, crap for sniping, armor better, great for tank with lots … In fact i think tank with not a lots of armor, counting on camo for surviving will be more or less a downgrade … need more time for seeing …

    Anyways Good work and i hope to see you in test server xD (Deadshadows_EU)

    • Thanks for the insight. I just fixed my issues finally, and yea I agree with most of what you wrote.

      • Deadshadows | June 3, 2013 at 9:47 pm |

        xD well ive just DC from today playtest ive retryed hellcat and camo seem to be less broken … maybe just an impression cause ive gone a little less near fight … don’t know but i’m waiting for your impression xD

        ps : medium APCR dont seem to have new normalization (well i dont play them (only 1 tested) habitually )

        If you need someone for test just PM me IG if im connected :p

        ps : New map seem to be pretty hard to play (only played it 3 times in randoms with Maus … And never gone down the mountain = havent even seen 50% of it …)

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