Tank Guide/Review: T26E4 Super Pershing

The tier 8 American premium tank T26E4 Super Pershing is a very unique tank to drive and also to face.  Unlike most medium tanks the Super Pershing isn’t very mobile and relies on the unique armor set up it has.  For  those driving this tank you first need to learn how to exploit this armor and for those facing one you need to learn how to counter good Super Pershing drivers by learning the weak spots.  Is this tank worth the gold to buy it? This World of Tanks T26E4 Super Pershing tank guide will explain the pros and cons of the T26E4 as well as giving some basic tactical advance on how to drive one.

World of Tanks T26E4 Super Pershing Tank Guide


The Super Pershing has only of the most unique and complex armor set ups currently in World of Tanks.  For a full weak spot guide check out this guide which goes over the entire armor set up of the Super Pershing. The armor scheme for the frontal armor looks very intimidating to those unfamiliar with it since it has a non-conventional set up with the added spaced armor.  Although it does provide good protection you need to keep in mind that it has much more “holes” in the armor than other tanks.  Knowing how to slightly angle(not to much though) and always trying to wiggle/move around will help you out greatly.  The weak spot guide linked earlier will help you find out the correct amount of angling you should be doing.  Your main weak spots that people aim for are the top commander hatches and the machine gun port in the hull.  In most situations it is best to stick at mid range with your hull slightly angled and your turret front pointing directly at your enemy.


The 90mm gun equipped on the Super Pershing does have quite a few downsides.  The standard AP shells only have 170mm of average penetration which makes dealing with many tanks difficult due to the also sub-par .38 accuracy.  This means that you will have difficult with damaging tier 9 tanks such as the E-75 even if you are aiming at their weak spots and that APCR should be relied upon slightly. The APCR shell bumps the penetration up to 258mm which can deal with anything you normally face quite easily.  You also are stuck with a 240 alpha gun with only a decent rate of fire which leaves you needing to hit every shot while maximizing your armor to survive.  Although the gun isn’t that appealing statistically since the Super Pershing doesn’t face any tier 10 tanks compared to newer premium tanks it does make it function much better.


Forget that the Super Pershing is labeled as a medium tank since it does not resemble one mobility wise in any manner. The speed limit is 38 km/h which you will hardly ever reach since the added weight+crappy engine compared to the normal M26 Pershing means you move slower than most heavy tanks.  This means that you will not be able to re-position very well and picking where you will be needed before the match begins is crucial.  The mobility is “just” good enough to not be a hindrance on level ground but going up any type of slope will transform your tank into a slug.  Keep this in mind and always be looking at the mini map for how the battle is unfolding around you since it will have trouble flexing to far away areas.


Like other American tanks the gun depression on the Super Pershing is above average allowing it to abuse hilly terrain. Keep in mind that your turret is a prime weak spot for many and that when hull down you are still very vulnerable on the top of your turret and that you shoot take a shot and move back down. The view range is a bearable 380m which although not great is enough to prevent you from being shot from to many invisible tanks.  Matchmaker is also very kind since you will only see tier 9 tanks max. For a tier 8 premium tank the cost is lower than most at 7,200 gold which makes a much cheaper option than most other tier 8 premium tanks while it still makes just about as much of a net profit.


Equipment wise I prefer running with a vertical stabilizer, gun rammer, and ventilation. The ventilation/rammer combo helps bring the DPM up to a respectable level to help you output enough damage to outpace most tier 8 and lower tanks you face.  The vertical stabilizer will help with the accuracy issue since you will be angling/wiggling/moving quite a lot so I find it more useful than a gun laying drive.


Looking at what has been gone over so far we have a slow, heavily armored on the front, and poorly gunned medium tank.  That doesn’t sound very appealing but it does work if you apply it properly.  Leveraging your armor by staying at mid range whiling making small movements to prevent people from hitting the very weak turret spots you will eat up a surprising amount of shots.  Against tier 8 and lower tanks you can rely on your armor by doing this and also by angling your tank by 10-20 degrees to increase your effective armor(and keeping the sides safe).  Simply focus on your armor in between shots and only stop to aim then fire.  Keep in mind that the turret is at its strongest pointing directly at an enemy so that your spaced armor covers more area across the turret front.

While hull down you need to keep in mind your turret weak spots are still easily hit and you shouldn’t stay exposed for very long.  Try to stick with other tanks to prevent yourself from being flanked or being overrun by a tier 9 easily.  The Super Pershing is not a tank to go out on your own with but does work well with being a “heavy medium” and leveraging your armor when need be.  Since your mobility is low you also need to plan at least a minute ahead by watching the mini map and anticipating enemy movements.



Unique frontal armor

Gun depression

Limited matchmaking

Lower gold cost than other tier 8 premiums


Low penetration AP shells


Well known weak spots


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  1. nice guide..almost make me regret buying the lowe. can you do a guide on the t110e4? i own one but its good to hear others oppinion on it

    • I do not own a E4 yet so as far as a tank guide/review I won’t be doing that before I play it more. However I do believe the E3 to be the better of the two which is why I own one.

      E3 has better armor, better gun, and is a real TD. E4 has terrible armor and almost the same DPM as the T110E5 but is much more sluggish than it. Why use an E4 over an E5?

      • If someone is suckered into getting a hellcat. Hellcats are fun to play, but the tanks that come after are an nightmare. Jackson’s meh to play, but the tanks that come after are amazing. Anyways, someone who gets a hellcat might be like, “Fine. I have a T25/2 and I hate it, but I might as well get the tanks after it.”

  2. Would you go Lowe or Super Pershing? I play mostly lights and I have about 4.5k games and I am looking for a premium my natural choice would have been the T59 especially as I am deep in all the branches of the Chinese (medium and Light T8)) tree and the French (lights T8) so no premium to help me in those trees at all. I start with the M4 and it seems quite fun and I was maybe thinking about going down the Pershing route so if I had the premium it would be useful there but I havn’t decided I always pick on playability. Perhaps you could offer some advice on this?

    • If you like mobile tanks stay away from both… Typically you should “pair” a premium tank(especially tier 8) to a specific tree you plan on going to tier 10 since you can train the regular tank crews in premium tanks.

      For speed(not factoring in what trees you are going down) I would go with the FCM 50 T for a tier 8. If you aren’t to concerned about speed then the IS-6.

  3. Insolentminx | May 29, 2014 at 10:07 am |

    How come it seems the Super Pershing has such a bad reputation in the game? I love mine, and it serves me well. I am constantly hearing gripes about the 90mm. I do not think the gun is bad, punching for 230+ is not horrible. I have a 6 sec. reload time and any really hold my own. When the “nerf” of its armor occurred there was a mass exodus of people selling it. I don’t feel the nerf was that bad.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated!

    • The armor changed hurt it a bit, but it is still a pretty good premium tank. It just doesnt have any one “strong” feature for it to shine in.

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