Tank Guide: Type 62

Newly released to the North American server is the Type 62 tank which many will flock to expecting it to be like the similarly named Type 59 when that is not the case.  The Type 62 looks like a smaller Type 59 but plays completely differently. Being a tier 6 light tank it does see tier 10 fights(with max 1-2 t10 on each team), however most fights I have found are with tier 8 tanks on top.

The Type 62 only has 25/25/16 hull armor making it essentially incapable of protecting itself from any shots unless they are at extreme angles and auto-bounce. It’s turret armor is 50/36/36 which will allow it to bounce some shells but only when facing lower tiers and only if they hit at a bad angle.  This leads to a problem the Type 59 has which is ammo rack/module damage. Due to the very thin armor the Type 62 is prone to ammo rack damage, gun damage, engine, commander, gunner, etc. etc… You get the point. Do not go into this tank expecting to take much damage and live through it.
Gun wise the Type 62 has a decent gun for a light tank. 160 average damage and 130mm of penetration. With a 100% crew and a rammer it reloads in 4.93 seconds and the accuracy is good enough to where you can fire off one shot after another at under 50m while moving and hit your target most of the time. It’s DPM come out just under 2,000 which will draw attention of higher tiers once you start chipping away at their sides/rear. View range is 390mm which is to be expected for a light tank and it’s top speed is 50 km/h which is hit very easily on level ground.
Playing the Type 62 is much like playing the M24 Chaffee. Always keep moving, don’t rush out and be the “scout” and expect to live, and flank whenever possible. Your speed is good enough to where you can circle a lone heavy or flank easily while getting a few shots in…however don’t spend to much time in one spot since once you take a hit most likely you’ll die shortly after.
Good view range
Good gun for a light tank
Non-existent armor
High module damage(especially ammo rack and gun)
Bad MM(faces t8+ most of the time)
Bad gun depression
Overall for a premium tank the Type 62 is a good buy for those who enjoy light tanks. It however is not good for those who do not enjoy being the “underdog” and being obliterated in 1-2 shots by most tanks you are facing.  The Type 62 is not a scout and not a brawler like the other Chinese tank the Type 59.

Overall I give the Type 62 a 2.5/5  in terms of it’s usefulness as a tank and it’s capability of helping win the match. But as far as being a premium a tank it does a good job at earning silver(65-75k for great matches and 30-40k for normal victories with a premium account) but compared to other tanks like the tier 5 light tanks and other tier 6’s it is lagging behind.

Below is a replay of me playing the Type 62 on Himmelsdorf Encounter. Ended up with 4,124 EXP and 72k silver.

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  1. nice

  2. You are spot on with your 2.5 rating. I splurged and bought a 59 and a 62. If I had read this first I would not have bought the 62. But here’s to having Chinese squad.

    I agree with the Chaffee analogy, except that in a Chaffee you can’t make money even as premium with a big win. The Chaffee is just a sucubus entirely. However this 62 is gonna make a little coin even with a bad defeat… which seems to frequently be the case.

    Would I buy it again… no. But I imagine it will be a good addition to my garage.

  3. A little question Silver, you play Type62 no??? how is MM on it??? it has same MM than DB for example (well Type62 has 1 tier lower more) and in DB i see a lot of tier 9 battles… Type62 see a lot of tier 8-9 battles or main part of his battles are in tier 7-6???


    • Type 62 has most of it’s games with Tier 8 tanks on top(about 50%). Rest of it’s matches is split between t9 or t10 top tanks and a few t7 matches thrown in there.

      MM will never have it as a top tank.

  4. Thanks for the info, is not fun ear this but i think that Type62 is going to suffer a change in MM, practically all premiums see MM change to better except in the Type59… for me Type62 needs be a 20% tier 9, 20% tier 8, 30% tier 7, 30% tier 6, a

  5. Great review, this really helped me decide on my purchase – which I have decided not to buy this. It seems fun tank but I already have premium tanks to make money and I played ELC AMX a lot, and I got fed up of going down in a 1 – 2 hits. Thanks for info as said above. 🙂

  6. Having bought the Type62 my self, after 200+ battles I must say that in this review a blind man is talking about colors, how to distingish them by sense of touch and taste and what he has heard of to be the truth.
    Best regards from EU server

  7. Just bought a type 62 Giftshop, i love it so much…

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