Tank Guide: Type 5 Chi-Ri

The tier 7 Japanese medium tank Type 5 Chi-Ri at first glance looks more like a heavy tank than a medium tank.  Diving a little deeper you will find that while the Chi-Ri resembles a heavy tank in size it does not equip the amount of armor you would find on most heavy tanks.  The large size, both height and length, and lack of armor are hurdles you will have overcome.  However, the Chi-Ri makes up for these negatives in it’s excellent top gun, good soft stats, gun depression, and decent mobility.  The guide below will touch on the firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous, and the tactics to use for the Chi-Ri.

To start out is a quick video going over the Type 5 Chi-Ri as well as a few matches being played showing off a few tactics to use.


The main selling feature of the Type 5 Chi-Ri is it’s 3 round auto-loading top gun and without that the tank really struggles to hold it’s own against other tier 7 tanks.  Until you equip the top gun it is advised to play more cautiously and to avoid getting into close fights as you won’t be able to keep up with the damage of other tanks.  With the 3 round auto-loading gun the Chi-Ri turns into a very interesting tank in that it has many tactical options open up for it.  With the 3 rounds you can unload them very quickly and with good accuracy.  This means that you can either track with one shot/damage with the others or finish off multiple low HP tanks.  Having more than one shot available to you also lessens the burden of missing that one crucial shot.  On the downside is that you will often need to unload all three shots before ducking back into cover to make using this gun worthwhile over playing a different tier 7.

Aside from the burst damage the reload time between drums is shorter than most auto-loading tanks and allows you to even sometimes get 6 shots off before an enemy gets their second one off.  The penetration is somewhat lacking against tier 8+ tanks without using premium rounds, but generally standard AP rounds are sufficient for the majority of skirmishes.


Armor wise as touched on earlier in this guide the Type 5 Chi-Ri is lacking in this department.  With it’s large size(both height and length) the 75mm/35mm/35mm hull values and equally as weak turret values do not provide great protection for the Chi-Ri against most tanks it faces.  Fortunately the HP is decent at 1,250 with the upgraded turret which provides you with some wiggle room while rounds are flying your way.  To excel at this tank you will need to know which cover works well, which routes to take, and if artillery can hit you or not.  Due to the large size and low armor thickness artillery rounds are very deadly and any good artillery player will focus on you for a quick kill if you are out in the open.

One trick to use to maximize your armor is to side scrape.  In the video at the start of this guide you can see examples of this on Fisherman’s Bay where side scraping is used to hide most of the frontal armor of the Chi-Ri while exposing the side armor at an auto-bounce angle.  In the video you will see both successful and unsuccessful attempts at doing this.  This side scraping technique can be used with any tank but it truly helps the tanks with inadequate armor while fighting in urban environments.


Although the Type 5 Chi-Ri is large in size it does not loose to much mobility for this area to be a negative.  Yes, you do bleed a lot of speed while turning, however you are very agile going in semi-straight lines which is a nice plus.  While you are not as quick as many other medium tanks your mobility is still high enough to keep up with most tanks one your team without being left behind.


One aspect of the Chi-Ri that helps cut down the height of the tank is it’s gun depression of -10 degrees..  While it will not cover up the weak turret armor it will greatly reduce the size of your tank while fighting on hilly terrain and allow you to shrug off some damage you otherwise would take.  The view range is 360m on the stock turret and 370m on the upgraded turret which is neither good nor bad.  One lost aspect of many tanks is the amount of ammunition you can carry which is especially important for auto-loading tanks like the Chi-Ri.  At 97 pieces you can have a decent amount of standard rounds, premium rounds, and HE shells at your disposal.  When combined with your short reload between drums you can adapt to many different situations and surprise your enemies by whacking them with different shells to keep them on their toes.  For example, firing 3 HE shells at times can easily reset a flag being captured since you can hit multiple tanks.  Small things like this make the Chi-Ri a very interesting tank to play if you have good awareness.

Camouflage Values

Stationary: 10%

Firing While Stationary: 2.5%

Moving: 7.5%

Firing While Moving: 1.88%

Aiming Circle Spread

After Shooting: 2.877

Turret Traversing: 0.115

Turret Traversing Full Speed: 4.14

Hull Moving: 0.173

Hull Moving Full Speed: 7.25

Hull Traversing: 0.173

Hull Traversing Full Speed: 5.87

Terrain Resistance

Hard Ground: 0.959

Medium Ground: 1.055

Soft Ground: 2.11


I recommend that you watch the World of Tanks gameplay videos that are linked above and below this section for this guide.  Each video shows the Chi-Ri being played and different tactics being used.  Generally the Chi-Ri you will want to play it a little off of the front lines to being with unless if you are facing a large amount of tier 5/tier 6 tanks.  This is a tank you do not want to be pinned into a spot with since if you get flanked you have no armor to use and your large size will get you killed quickly.  Sitting back and supporting a location allows you to get many shells into the enemy and then allows you later on to use your mobility and decent HP to flank enemies.

This World of Tanks Chi-Ri guide will be updated with additional videos and information as it is available.

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