Tank Guide: TOG II*

Recently the TOG II* was released and immediately stirred up a lot of attention around the tank due to it’s massive size at tier 6.  However, size alone does not make a tank good or bad so how does the TOG II* stack up against other tier 6 tanks?


The armor on the TOG II* shockingly is not that great for a tank it’s size and weight.  A complete guide of the TOG II*’s armor can be found here..

TOG II* Weak Spot Guide

Overall the armor is sub par for a tier 6 heavy tank not taking into account a massive tank like this which makes it slightly worse.  It is capable of protecting itself against low penetrating guns it faces but tier 5 and up tanks have no trouble damaging the TOG II*.  A very interesting feature is the rear hull armor which is sloped at 70 degrees.  This makes facing the rear of the TOG II* a viable tactic at times if the enemy is at far distances or on terrain slowly lower than yourself.  This also allows the TOG II* to “transform” into a rear-turret mounted tank and peek out behind building corners(side scraping) only showing a small piece of side hull and the turret.  The armor while sub par in most situations is livable since the TOG II* has 1,400 HP.


The OQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. VII equipped on the TOG II* is for lack of better words very “enjoyable” to use.  I find myself still impressed with how well it is suited for any situation it is put into.  The penetration is  171mm for standard AP and 239mm for premium rounds which allows you to penetration 95% of tanks you face with AP. I do carry 20 premium rounds since the TOG II* can carry 144 rounds for those situations where you are against a difficult opponent armor wise or firing at a tank at long distances and you want to make sure you penetrate.  The rate of fire is a superb 12 rounds per minute(1800 DPM) with a 100% crew and with brothers in arms/rammer/vents it can be raised to 14.5 RPM(2175 DPM).  The accuracy and aim time are also very comfortable for a heavy tank and due to the low speed the TOG II* can easily snap onto targets.

With all these factors combine you have a very capable platform of engaging anything thrown at your tank.  With standard AP you will find some targets at mid range are difficult to damage, but carrying some premium rounds will fix that for those instances.


Here comes to primary downside to this tank for most players.  This tank has a top speed of 14 km/h and hovers around 12/13 km/h on level ground.  Going down hills you will max out at 14/15 km/h and given your massive 81+ ton weight and speed limit no tank playing with you can push you around the map much faster.  This makes not only getting to the front lines difficult but also returning to base or getting to where you need to be to help a falling flank.  The most important aspect of someone driving a TOG II* is to “read” the enemy team and map at the start of the map and plan where you will be needed most before the 30 second pre-battle timer ends.

Once you are at the front lines keep in the back of your head that once you advance that reversing or turning around and running away is not an option.  The reverse on the TOG II* feels like you are tracked and not moving at all and turning around exposes your entire hull length making you a gigantic billboard to fire on.  Choose your routes wisely and limit the amount of tanks firing on you at the same time. I try to keep the amount of possible tanks firing on me while I advance below 3 whenever possible since the DPM of mid tiers is very good and will chew through that 1,400 HP quickly.  And finally you will be surprised at how well the hull and turret traverse of the TOG II* is making “wiggling” very viable and protecting you from being circled.


As stated before in this guide the TOG II* has 1,400 HP which is by far the most out of every tier 6 tank and also beats every tier 7 tank as well.  This is a massive advantage at times since you can 1 v 1 against pretty much any tank you are pitted against due to the great gun and HP pool.  The lack or armor does mitigate this HP advantage somewhat since if you are exposed for to long your HP will evaporate.  The gun depression on the TOG II* is better than I expected and is enough for any situation you will find yourself in.  Gun elevation is also high enough that you won’t be finding yourself stuck at the bottom of a cliff being shot from above.

This tank weighs in at 81 tons stock which is extremely heavy for a tier 6 tank.  While this might seem great it also comes with a huge downside…  Your “teammates” will try and “help” you by “pushing” you in tanks such as the M4 Sherman tanks, mediums, etc. but instead will cause massive team mate on themselves repeatedly and you will have to cover the bill in both credits and experience.  There is no way against them and I have resorted to spamming “NOBODY CAN PUSH ME DON’T TRY IT PLEASE” at the start of matches.  On the plus side any enemy that attempts to run into you will either explode on impact or be 1/2 shot-able.

Camouflage Values

Stationary: 5.4%

Firing While Stationary: 1.4%

Moving: 2.9%

Firing While Moving: 0.75%

Aiming Circle Spread

After Shooting: 3.836

Turret Traversing: 0.192

Turret Traversing Full Speed: 6.14

Hull Moving: 0.211

Hull Moving Full Speed: 2.95

Hull Traversing: 0.211

Hull Traversing Full Speed: 4.22

Terrain Resistance

Hard Ground: 1.151

Medium Ground: 1.247

Soft Ground: 2.205


The guide touched briefly on planning where you are heading before the match begins.  I cannot stress this enough that you will want to learn maps and read the enemy team to try and dictate where they are going and where you can go to counter them.  It will not always work but you will get better the more you play and will help you playing every other tank in the game by mastering a slow tank like the TOG II*.  Staying in or close to base is not an option in this tank since you are best used to soak up damage with your HP pool and dish it out in return. While the enemy is focusing on you, your teammates are able to advance and take out the enemy. However, due to the low armor you will want to position yourself in places where only a few tanks can get shots on you, if you pull out in front of 3+ tanks you will still die like any other tank.

Using the 70 degree rear hull armor is also useful in certain situations.  If you are elevated above enemies slightly and at mid range it gives you a good chance to bounce incoming shots(they cans till shoot the lower flat part however).  Also while behind cover or buildings you can plant the rear of the TOG II* into the cover, and swing the turret out from behind cover. This minimizes the amount of your tank being shown and makes you a very difficult target to hit.  While fighting as well if you have a 100% crew you can fire, move forward, fire, move forward, etc. etc. repeatedly to continue moving to your next safe cover if you are stuck in the open with a tank firing on you. The aim time and “bloom” is small enough from moving that you can move between reloads and then stop 1 second before shooting and land the majority of your shots.

Due to the length of the TOG II* it opens up an entire different set of tactics capable of being used.  Smaller tanks can use you as a mobile shield and hide between their reloads… Also, my favorite of blocking routes completely which allows your team to rush down the other side of the maps. Areas such as the bridges on Erlenberg, Swamp, Mountain Pass, 8 line road on Abbey, and some roads can be completely blocked.  Soloing the middle road on Lakeville taking out several tanks and then blocking the road when you die is very satisfying.

Being a premium tank the TOG II* makes a decent amount of credits.  Due to it’s HP pool and gun you will be doing above average damage for the majority of your games and will make on average 25k-35k credits for normal matches after repairs/ammo.  For better matches you can make 40k-60k profit.



Massive HP pool

Gun depression

Gun RoF/Accuracy/Penetration


Hull/Turret traverse

Weight(enemies ramming you and ding instantly)


Low top speed

Low overall speed

Did I mention the speed?

Massive size

Weight(dumb teammates hitting you)

In the end the TOG II* is a very good tank considering it is a premium tank.  If you enjoy playing slow tanks that require planning ahead to be used effectively this tank is for you. If you cannot stand going at a snails pace or continually reading the enemy movements then this will be a bad investment. Overall I give the TOG II* a 4/5.


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  1. “Will either explode or 1/2 shotable”

    I rammed this with a KV-5 going full speed.
    He ate pain. 893 damage and I took 150~.
    You still need to consider the ram kings when you type something like that 🙂

    • TOG II* doesn’t face to many KV-5s(only in it’s top MM bracket) so generally you don’t have to worry about it. Any tank can be rammed in different circumstances depending on speed, weight, spall liner, crew perks, etc. etc. and common sense should be applied when hitting anything.

    • In fact, the TOG II* *cannot* face KV-5s in its normal (non-platooned, non-company) matchmaking, since it is limited to T7 max (it gets special MM). Which is also one of the best things there is about this lovable landboat monstrosity.

  2. Good review. I’ve just created a Facebook page for the Tog II Tank. I’ll include a link to your review.

    Facebook Fanpage:

  3. I have the Tog II and it is mint. I got shoot off a team mate so i pushed his T7 tank into a building and shot him to death with my whole team applauding me. I have also thrown it down big hills and steep faces and take no damage but ppl under you do =) . It is such fun to play and makes all your other slow tanks seem fast now….
    I am wanting to start a TOG II clan if any one interested in game name is mymrs.

    Tog Power

  4. Actually the TOG II doesn’t have more health than all the tier seven tanks, as the KV-3 has 1,400 as well. The TOG as stock is possibly faster than the KV3 as stock…

    Yeah it’s an experience driving a stock Russian heavy…

  5. *As stated before in this guide the TOG II* has 1,400 HP which is by far the most out of every tier 6 tank and also beats every tier 7 tank as well.*

    Not totally true since the black prince and the two tigers have 1450 hp

    good guide though!

  6. If you make good use of cover, you can do anything in this tank. Watch how it is used. The results speak for themselves if you have the patience to play it properly. I have a TOG, not the tank ace that KV1 gods think that they are, but I have taken a few out with it. Patience and a clear plan is the key. You can poo-poo it all you want, but the videos speak for themselves if you have patience.

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