Tank Guide: T95

The T95 started its journey in World of Tanks as the slowest tank in the game.  That changed in the 9.17.1 update where the T95 had its speed increased from 13 km/h to 20 km/h.  Combine the now workable speed with an insane amount of frontal armor, a 750 damage gun, and you have yourself a fearsome tank.  This World of Tanks T95 guide will go over the tank’s strengths, weaknesses, and tactics to use to master playing the T95 a.k.a the Doom Turtle.

World of Tanks T95 Guide


The T95 starts with a 120mm that carries over from the T28 and then upgrades to a top 155mm gun.  While some might argue the 120mm is a viable top gun the added DPM isn’t enough to make it worth passing on the 155mm.  The 120mm only adds about 300 DPM at the cost of a significant amount of penetration.

The 155mm does 750 damage per shot with its AP rounds and 950 with its HE round.  While the DPM is lower than the 120mm you have 2,564 DPM without equipment factored in.  The damage per shot and DPM combination is deadly combination that will make people think twice before engaging you.

Both guns have .36 accuracy which will make most shots easy but at longer ranges it can be a bit lacking.  Overall the T95’s weapon options are excellent aside from the stock 105mm found on it.  Do yourself a favor by having the 120mm ready to go for your first match.


The T95 is arguably the king of absurd armor schemes.  Frontally it has 305mm thick armor and a gigantic mantlet that is almost impossible to penetrate.  Its sides are also 152mm thick with spaced armor, thick tracks, and a small height.  The T95 is not without a few weak spots, mainly being the hatches on top of the tank.

When it comes to armor the T95 is difficult for most tanks to penetrate it.  HEAT shells and premium can go through its thickest armor due to it lacking angling.  To get the most out of the T95’s armor always keep moving to make the hatches hard to hit.  Staying at mid range and adding a small angle to the front also helps.

A good rule of thumb is to keep yourself at a distance that allows you to take two shots at an enemy before they could possibly flank you.  Closer than this and you risk being flanked unless you have ample teammates around you.  Further away and you aren’t helping your team with your excellent armor.  You also will be left behind where the important fighting is occurring.

For a full armor breakdown of the T95 check out this weak spot guide



Prior to the 9.17.1 update the T95 was the slowest tank in the game with an abysmal top speed.  It now has a 20 km/h top speed and a 10 km/h reverse top speed.  While this won’t any awards it feels surprisingly fast given the T95’s excellent armor protection.  Its power to weight ratio of 8.92 without equipment factored is does pose problems climbing up hills.

With the new changes to the T95’s mobility the traverse speed was also improved.  With 24 degrees per second it makes it slightly harder to flank the T95.  It is important to remember that while the T95 is leaps and bounds faster than before it is still one of the slowest tanks in the game.

Picking the right flank and position to head to early on a match is critical.  Find a position that isn’t easy for the enemy to flank.  It should also provide you at least a couple routes to slowly advance on the enemy team.  Avoid areas that bring you very close to the enemy since you want to keep some distance.

Miscellaneous Attributes

Small attributes of tanks sometimes make or break the tank.  The T95 doesn’t suffer from this too much since its armor + firepower easily overcome any other faults.  With 380m view range you won’t have problems seeing tanks firing at you.  If you add optics on the T95 is surprisingly proficient at spotting enemies in a pinch on certain maps like Malinovka.

The T95 does have a very weak engine module and a 20% fire chance which poses some problems if flanked.  Compared to most tier 9 tanks the T95 if hit in the backside will catch on fire very often.  Gun depression is a bit of concern with only 5 degrees.  You also have 20 degrees of gun elevation.  Given the short size of the T95 you will run into issues with both since you aren’t able to crest hills or point up at hills effectively.


Playing the T95 is a balance of how aggressive you should play depending on the map and enemy team lineup.  You see a lot of T95 drivers playing very far back from the fight and almost never see them contribute until the match is decided already.  The T95 while slow demands you play it fairly aggressively since if you don’t continue to slowly advance you’ll be left behind the fighting.  Combined with the excellent armor you will help your team out more being a little closer to the fight.

Don’t misinterpret this as saying you should get into brawling range.  If you advance to far early on in a match it will often end in frustration.  Try to keep yourself about 3/4 inside of the maximum view range circle.  This will let you soak up some damage for your team and provide ample targets for you to fire on.  Always keep near 2-3 teammates and keep an eye out for artillery as well.

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 Replays Before T95 Received Speed Buff

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  1. Blackbeard_teach | April 11, 2014 at 3:10 am |

    nice Guide.

    but i wish if you would put more Details such as crew skill, equipment.

    • Old guide that hasn’t been updated yet. I was actually getting around to it in the next few days.

  2. Insolentminx | May 29, 2014 at 10:20 am |

    Buying this soon as it is unlocked for me, What is the recommended equipment for it?

    • gun rammer, vents, and a spall liner. Spall liner for arty and the others to boost your gun.

  3. Insolentminx | July 3, 2014 at 10:50 am |

    I just got my T95, and am having problems….

    I try to have one or two tanks with me but always seen to get surrounded and cut to pieces…..also everything seems to pen me from the front…..

    Please help


    • Stay further away from enemies. Usually I stay over 100m away from enemies to prevent them flanking me and hitting me in the weak spots. Some tier 9 and most tier 10 can simply load premium though and damage you anyway.

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