Tank Guide: T92

The American tier 10 self propelled gun T92 ditches the philosophy that other American SPGs leading up to it stick to by equipping a massive 240mm howitzer M1 gun.  This massive gun bring massive damage potential but does it drag down the other aspects of the T92 to compensate for the massive gun?  In its current state(post major SPG revamp) the T92 is crippled by this massive gun that does a whopping 2,250 damage per shot.  Why?  Because aside from the large damage per shot and great splash damage you have little else to stand on to fall back on.  Your chassis is large in size, mobility is very poor compared to the pre-nerf  T92,  shell arc is not very vertical which prevents shells from hitting the top of an enemy tank aside from at long distances, and the accuracy/reload is terrible.

Regardless, the T92 can be played and be a benefit to its team but in its current state that is a difficult task to pull off on a regular basis.  The T92 is unbelievably inconsistent and when your shells are landing every which way across/outside of your aiming circle you simply cannot do anything about it other than continue to miss shot after shot.  However, when your shells land where you aim(or even in the general vicinity) the T92 is a good SPG to play…but knowing when this will occur is something you will never know entering a match.


The T92 is centered around the 240mm howitzer M1 gun which is massive even for a tier 10 SPG.  Each shell has an average damage of 2,250 with its standard and premium HE round while its AP round does 1,800 damage.  The AP is rather useless since the accuracy is terrible on the T92 and even at close range you cannot point your gun down enough to hit most tanks advancing towards you.  Both high explosive rounds have 120mm of penetration which is rather good but it is strange that the premium round doesn’t get at least a slight boost in this area.  Side from the damage per shot your next most useful attribute is the splash radius.  The standard high explosive round has a 8.13 meter splash radius and the premium round has a 11.64 meter splash radius.  This puts the T92 as “the splash king” and while these values are lower than they were when the T92 was initially released they still are the highest in the game.  Although the splash radius is high it isn’t as large as you might think since your accuracy is so bad you will often still miss tanks completely.  The base rate of fire of 1.13 is very low but due to the massive 2,250 damage per shot the long reload is to be expected.

The .92 accuracy is easily the largest negative attribute of the T92 since even fully aimed in it is difficult to have your shell land on the tank you are aiming at.  When you add in the 8 second(yes 8 second) aim time you get an even more frustrating SPG accuracy wise since that 8 seconds is only if you don’t move where you are aiming at all.  This makes aiming at moving targets or any targets just spotted difficult since the T92’s accuracy “blooms” very easily when you start aiming in a different area.  Don’t even try to move your hull while aiming if you expect to actually get a quick shot off since any hull movement makes your aiming circle expand outside of your screen(not kidding).

Overall, the T92 does have a massive amount of firepower but since it has a massive amount of damage per shot and splash damage it has to pay for it in other areas which happen to be what cripples the SPG.  The terrible accuracy, aim time, and accuracy while moving the hull make the 240mm shell advantage almost not worth it in most matches.


Armor? The T92 is a SPG and you shouldn’t expect the T92 to have much if any armor.  The large 240mm gun does provide some moments where the enemy gets unlucky and the shell will hit it and thus do no HP damage.  However, overall your armor is simply not being seen.


 Mobility is not the T92’s strong suit that it once was.  Before the arty re-balance the T92 actually had very good mobility that allowed it to get around the map similar to some of the mobile heavy tanks at tier 10.  However, currently the T92 is lucky if it hits its top 23 km/h and its acceleration, turning, hill climbing, and other aspects are all below average.  This is a huge negative since it does not allow the T92 to move around the map as well as it once could to get better angles to shoot from and also to move away from enemies.

One saving grace of the poor mobility is that since the T92 has a glacial reload it can use that wasted time to inch its way around the map to re-position.  Although this isn’t ideal you can easily spend half your reload time moving over, stopping to aim in and take a shot, and then repeating the process until you get to where you need to be.

Miscellaneous Attributes

The T92’s shell arc is one of those attributes that isn’t listed and is sometimes overlooked when looking at a SPG.  The shell arc refers to how the shell travels vertically since it will effect how much damage the shell does and how fast it will reach its target.  A shell arc with a steep angle(more vertical) will hit the roof/engine deck armor more often and thus do more damage.  However, it also will have a longer shell travel time when compared to a flatter(less vertical) arc that will get to its target faster.  The downside of a less vertical arc is that it will hit thicker armor and more spaced armor thus doing less damage.  The T92’s shell arc is in-between vertical and horizontal when compared to other SPGs at tier 10, but slightly leans towards a horizontal arc.  This leads to the aiming circle being elongated(stretched out) unless if you are aiming at an enemy at long ranges.  This means that if your shell misses an enemy tank it will often fly very far behind it and do no damage.

The 400m view range is a nice small bonus to have since equipment wise if you add on coated optics you will be able to see most enemies before they see you since your camouflage values aren’t that terrible.  Other equipment should be a gun laying drive and a gun rammer to improve the aiming time and reload time.  And finally the 16 pieces of ammunition is a touch low but you will almost never run out unless if it is a very long/campy match.  I would carry 0 AP rounds and stick to using standard and premium high explosive rounds.


If you have reached a tier 10 SPG you should know the basics of playing as artillery as far as aiming goes and what targets to prioritize.  For the T92 aspects like aiming past a target when your aiming circle is elongated(more horizontal shell arc) will allow the shell to increase its chances of hitting the tank since you are aiming at the ground behind it.  If you aim at the tank itself then your shell will often hit before your target and thus miss it completely.

Since the T92 has a long aim time and whenever you move your hull your accuracy explodes you will want to stick to hitting enemies that are not moving very much or aim ahead to where an enemy is moving.  Even the slightest movement will throw off your already bad aim and even with your large splash radius it will often not do any damage whatsoever.  With that splash radius though it opens up the capability to hit enemies where they think they are safe, hitting multiple enemies, and also shooting shells at areas where an enemy might be to keep them on their toes.  While it might seem like you are “wasting” shells by shooting at locations with nobody spotted you should know by tier 10 where enemies often set up and also with your large splash radius you should be able to damage people with some shots while doing this.  One thing I always try to do in a SPG is to not hold my shots and to always keep the shells coming out of my barrel.  It doesn’t help your team if you are sitting back there waiting for the perfect shot.  If no enemies are spotted and/or moving then shoot and scoot.

As mentioned earlier it is key that you move between your shots in the T92 to get better angles and to decrease the distance between you and the enemy.  I often move behind whatever flank has the strongest presence on my team since it provides the best protection(often more than sitting in the base).  Take a shot and then move while you reload.  Remember that you should leave 12-14 seconds to aim back in and then repeat the process.  Not only will you be hitting enemies from angles they are not expecting but you also will be getting closer to them and thus helping out that terrible accuracy the T92 has.


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