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When released the T110E5 changed the way tier 10 matches were played since it brought a generalist role to the field that was new at it’s time.  The T110E5 does not excel at any specific area when it comes to firepower, mobility, or armor but what it does have is no huge glaring flaws.  While this generalist role has upsides it also has the downside of being caught in situations where being a specialist comes in handy.  However, even though you might lose a 1 v 1 fight against a specialist tank in certain situations the beauty of the T110E5 is that you always have options available to better your chances to win.  

Come face to face with pesky slow tier 10 TD capable of cutting through your armor like butter?  Simply back off and move elsewhere and if they try and follow you maneuver around them and take them out.  Facing a highly mobile tank?  Get into a position to exploit your great frontal armor and dish out the damage to their weaker armor.  While you are not always able to turn bad situations into good ones the T110E5 will never make you feel like you are hopeless against an opponent if driven correctly.

Starting off this guide is a video below that does a quick overview of the T110E5 and also provides a couple matches with tactics to use in World of Tanks for the T110E5.


While the T110E5 does not lead in firepower compared to other tier 10 tanks it is not outclassed by many other tier 10 heavy tanks.  The 400 damage per shot round is a tad low when you try to brawl with an E-100 or tier 10 TD but the fast reload makes up for the lack of “omph” if you avoid fighting high alpha tanks on their turf.  The accuracy could be a tad bit better since at mid to long range it becomes difficult to hit most weak spots but overall it only comes into play against heavily armored tanks and not mediums.  Penetration wise the AP shell is solid and while the HEAT shell is great against non spaced armor/track shots it is unreliable since if you miss and hit any sort of spaced armor it will get eaten up.


To find a full in-depth armor guide for the T110E5 hop over to the T110E5 weak spot guide linked below.


The armor scheme of the T110E5 is very front heavy since the sides and rear are protected like a medium tank would be.  At mid range and far range the frontal armor can stop most shots since the main weak spots are on the lower glacis closest to the tracks.  Be wary of fighting at 25m-100m since enemies will easily be able to hit your lower glacis.  You either want to fight with cover hiding your lower glacis, side scraping(seen in the video above), or within 25m where your lower glacis is to close to aim at.  One small issue is that tier 10 tank destroyers can penetrate parts of your turret front and flat parts of your frontal hull armor with premium rounds which throws a huge wrench into things….but then again there is nothing any tank can do about this.


While the T110E5 is not as mobile as medium tanks it is not that far behind and compared to most heavy tanks it is very agile.  The T110E5 is above average when it comes to acceleration, climbing hills, pivoting, moving on soft ground, and overall speed.  While you wont win any medals for faces you will only have issues dealing with the fastest of medium and light tanks.  When facing a heavy tank such as an E-100 or most tank destroyers you will easily be able to out maneuver them and dictate the fight.


One of the key attributes of the T110E5 is it’s gun depression which allows it to out perform most other tanks on uneven terrain since it is -8 degrees.  The T110E5 has just enough gun depression for most hills to be able to peak over and fire without exposing to much of it’s lower glacis.  Any good T110E5 driver will exploit this and learn areas to use the gun depression to get off easy shots without having to worry about taking much damage in return.  Ammunition wise the T110E5 carries 42 shells which allows a good mixture of AP/HEAT/HE to allow you to adapt to any situation.  To top it all off the 400m view range is a nice bonus to allow you to see other larger heavy tanks a few meters before they spot you once you have a skilled crew.


The T110E5 is a tank in which there is no true specific way to play it correctly.  You can easily play it very aggressive from the start and do well…or on the other hand play it a bit safer at the start and then later in the match turn up the tempo and mop up.  One thing that is consistent is learning how to hide that lower glacis and mask your weak side/rear armor.  The key to doing this is learning how to side scrape(as seen in the video above and in some below) to hide that frontal armor while exposing your side armor+tracks at an auto-bounce angle.  Once you master this you’ll be able to soak up a lot more damage more reliably.

Generally with the T110E5 if there are not several tier 10 TDs or a primarily tier 10 match I will play the T110E5 very aggressively from the start and play it like a zippy heavy tank.  In these matches you can rely more on your armor to grab forward positions and to truly shine.  In matches where your team consists of 8+ tier 10s you should use your generalist role to your advantage and see where you are needed and fill in the gaps.  Above all in any match you want to avoid being hit by artillery since your side/rear/top armor is very thin and you will take massive damage.

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  1. Greetings. Im an e5 fun. And its my best tank in d game coz its my only t10. And i luv american tanks even if oders says otherwise. I would like to know whats d best equipment for the e5 or what you recomend me to put on it. Actually already have a rammer, vent and stab. Is it correct or will i change it?

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