Tank Guide: T110E4

Unlike most other tank destroyers the T110E4 and the tank destroyer line it sits atop of have turrets which make them standout when compared to other tank destroyers.  The T110E4’s turret doesn’t rotate completely around the tank but rather only 90 degrees in either direction side-to-side from its center line.  The good thing is that it makes the T110E4 easier to use since you are not fighting to get your gun pointed on an enemy since your gun traverse isn’t as limited compared to tank destroyers without turrets.  The downside is that the T110E4 gives up performance in other areas to take into account that it plays more like a standard tank with a turret than a tank destroyer without one.

Aside from the turret the T110E4 has it also has other above average aspects that make it the well rounded tier 10 tank destroyer it is.  The frontal armor is slightly above average but due to it having a turret(compared to the T110E3) its armor does have quite a few weak spots to keep it from being to powerful.  The 155mm gun the T110E4 sports is excellent for a tier 10 since it has a good balance of damage per shot, penetration, and rate of fire.  The mobility is also “pretty good” when compared to other tier 10 tank destroyers and it is neither the slowest or the fastest of the bunch.  The main downsides of the T110E4 are minor but they do add up since the T110E4 doesn’t really have a standout category it excels at.  The gun depression is only 6 degrees, the accuracy is a tad wonky at long ranges, the armor is very inconsistent, and you are vulnerable to SPG fire.

This tank guide will break down the T110E4 into firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous attributes, and tactics to help you master this tank.


The T110E4’s 155m AT Gun T7E2 is a jack of all trades gun when slated against other tier 10 tank destroyers since it doesn’t lean towards high alpha or a high rate of fire gun.  This is a double-edged sword since it allows you to fill in many different roles depending on the match but when you come face to face against a specialized enemy you can find yourself with no strong foothold to prop yourself up with.  The standard AP shell does 750 damage and has 295mm of penetration which leads this to be your most used shell.  295mm penetration is enough to deal with any enemy you come across aside from some stronger enemies where you cannot hit their weak spots.  Since it is cheap and effective you will want to stick to using the AP shell for almost all of your shots.  As far as premium ammunition goes you have a 750 damage and 375mm penetration APCR shell which is overkill for most of your shots.  Since these shells are expensive and the AP shell with 295mm of penetration has ample penetration, this leaves APCR to a secondary role.  Usually APCR should only be used if you are up against a tough opponent with no glaring weak spots or if an enemy is far away and you don’t want the poor accuracy to come into play.  Lastly is the 1,100 damage HE shell which even though it only has 90mm of penetration it can prove to be very useful in most matches.  Keep at least 2 HE shells so that you can nail weak enemies or by inflicting damage on an enemy you otherwise wouldn’t be able to damage with AP/APCR.

Moving on to other aspects of the T110E4’s gun you start to see where the T110E4 runs into an identity crisis.  The base rate of fire is 3.08 which when you factor in its “average” damage per shot of 750 you find its damage per minute(DPM) a bit lacking when compared to other tier 10 tank destroyers.  This is because the T110E4 is balanced around having a semi-functional turret and thus it acts more like a standard tank than a non-turreted tank destroyer.  The aim time of 2.9 seconds and the 0.37 accuracy also hampers the T110E4 with fighting at mid to long range.  While the T110E4 has great penetration these two factors make taking long shots a gamble against most opponents and also forces you to sometimes expose yourself for to long while lining up a shot.

In the end the T110E4’s firepower is neither anything special or something to dread.  Even though statistically it doesn’t have the intimidating firepower of other tier 10 tank destroyers it is more flexible than them which is more important then you would think.  As long as you understand that you cannot take on specialized enemies on their turf the T110E4’s numerous small hiccups do not come into play.


The T110E4’s armor when compared to its rival the T110E3 is a mere shadow since on paper it looks like it could be adequate but when the shells start flying they keep on flying through your armor.  The listed values for the T110E4’s hull are 254mm/76mm/38mm and the turret armor is 203mm/152mm/152mm.  These values aren’t bad at all but the T110E4 has larger sections of “flat” armor when compared to the T110E3/E5.  This leads to the armor being easily negated since people know to avoid the angled sections and simply go through the large weak spots.  To see a full breakdown of the T110E4’s frontal armor check out the weak spot guide found below.


Overall the armor does fairly well against tier 8 and tier 9 tanks.  When you stack it up against tier 10 guns/tier 10 tanks the armor falls flat on its face at all ranges due to the large weak spots and also that every part of the frontal armor has a weak spot tied to it.  The lower glacis is weak, around the gun is weak, and the cupola on top is weak which makes hiding weak spots almost impossible.  The side and rear armor of the T110E4 like other T110 series tanks is very poor.  This leads to SPG/HE shells to inflict a lot of damage if you are hit anywhere aside from the frontal armor or track sections of your tank.  Keep this in your mind always since SPG players know you have thin armor on most of your tank and will try to knock you out quickly.


Mobility is always a hit or miss aspect of a tank since the listed values might not hold up when you are actually playing it.  The T110E4 however is one of those tanks where its mobility feels right for the tank and it doesn’t hold you back while playing it.  The T110E4 is faster than the T110E3 but is slightly more sluggish than the T110E5.  This makes it average in the mobility department(keeping with the “average theme” of the tank) and is easy to pick up where you can or cannot go on a map.

The speed limit is capped at 35 km/h which you will hit going down a small slope but generally you cruise around the 30 km/h range.  The acceleration isn’t to shabby due to the 850 horsepower engine and the 64 ton weight.  The performance on different terrain types like other American vehicles isn’t terrible either which can drastically alter some tank’s mobility but luckily the T110E4 is unaffected by this.

Miscellaneous Attributes

Outside of the “holy trinity” stats that are firepower, armor, and mobility are smaller aspects that influence how well a tank performs.  As mentioned earlier the T110E4 only has 6 degrees of gun depression which is odd for an American tank since usually they have closer to 10 degrees.  This makes fighting on hilly terrain very difficult for the T110E4 since you cannot hide your lower glacis when peeking over most hills and is difficult to adjust to if you haven’t played many non-American tanks.  Your ammunition count of 27 pieces allows you to juggle how much APCR or HE you feel like you will need.  I use a 17 AP/8 APCR/2 HE set up and I find myself sometimes wanting more AP/HE.  The decent ammunition count allows you to adjust to your liking instead of you feeling like you are stuck with a certain layout.

400m for the base view range is once again “average” for a tier 10 and the 745m signal range doesn’t pose any issues either.  Smaller things like the slow turret traverse(18 degrees/second) and hull traverse(26 degrees/second) do make it difficult to keep up with faster enemies but can be covered up if you plan ahead.  Since they are low(especially the turret traverse) it does leave the T110E4 vulnerable against fast tanks closing in/around on you.

Camouflage Values

Stationary: 10.3%

Firing While Stationary: 2.32%

Moving: 6.3%

Firing While Moving: 1.42%

Aiming Circle Spread

After Shooting: 3.836

Turret Traversing: 0.23

Turret Traversing Full Speed: 4.14

Hull Moving: 0.192

Hull Moving Full Speed: 6.71

Hull Traversing: 0.192

Hull Traversing Full Speed: 4.99

Terrain Resistance

Hard Ground: 1.342

Medium Ground: 1.534

Soft Ground: 2.589


Playing the T110E4 is fine line between knowing when to push ahead and when you should hang back.  Since the T110E4’s armor has a lot of holes in it and side/rear shots will always do damage you do not want to dive to far into the enemy to start off a battle.  Even though the accuracy is below average it is better off to set up a little bit behind your front forces so that you can assist multiple allies while using the distance between you and the enemy as your armor.  After the initial engagements happen you should stick to a semi-support role(not diving directly into enemies and opening yourself up to be flanked) until you know where most of the enemies are.  This doesn’t mean that you want to sit in the back and be a useless sniper but rather you should play a little more cautious to prevent yourself from getting into trouble early.

Since your tank isn’t specialized and is a well rounded tank this approach decreases the chances of you running into a pack of mediums coming for your side or a high alpha tank blasting your poor armor.  If you take the approach of playing the T110E4 like it has no armor(unless if you are facing mostly tier 8/9 tanks) you will find yourself still doing a lot of damage by choosing your shots at the start of a match.  Then since you still have most if not all of your HP you can be a bit more liberal and push up to help your allies bust through the enemy.  When doing this keep in mind of your poor gun depression, lack of a fully rotating turret, and that your durability is low.  Overall the T110E4 plays much like other tier 10 heavy tanks such as the T110E5 and IS-4 with the main difference being that it has a higher alpha gun and less protection.  Focusing on keeping yourself protected by placing yourself in safe…but useful locations will not only keep you alive but also see the damage pour in.


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