Tank Guide: T110E3

The tier 10 American tank destroyer T110E3 focuses on frontal armor and firepower to give it an edge on the battlefield.  The T110E3 follows the tier 9 T95 which is very similar in play style but the additional mobility and gun attributes takes the tank design to the next level.  Compared to other tier 10 tank destroyers the T110E3 has arguably the best frontal armor of them all with only parts of the lower glacis lacking armor.  It’s gun also has a nice blend of alpha(750) and rate of fire which allows it to be well rounded for most situations.  Unlike the T95 the T110E3 loses some protection on it’s side armor which leaves it vulnerable to SPGs/side shots and although the mobility is better the T110E3 still has poor mobility compared to most other tier 10 tanks.


The main selling point of the T110E3 is it’s excellent frontal armor which allows it to set up and shrug off most shots coming it’s way.  The main drawbacks to it’s armor is the lower frontal glacis that does have weaker armor on it and it’s side/rear armor.  Luckily the lower glacis is easy to hide behind small hills, destroyed tanks, or rubble which makes it less of a problem compared to other tanks sharing the same weak spot that have a larger lower glacis.  You can find a full weak spot guide of the T110E3 here on WoT Guru by using the link below.


As you can see from the weak spot guide you will want to cover up the lower glacis weak spot as much as possible since most tanks can penetrate it.  To do this you should stay at mid to long range from enemies to make it harder to hit and/or use the terrain to cover it up by using your gun depression to shoot before your lower glacis is seen by the enemy.


Gun wise the T110E3 equips the 155mm AT Gun T7E2 which is a solid tier 10 tank destroyer gun.  With 750 alpha and a 3.53 base rounds per minute this gun doesn’t lean heavily towards either alpha damage or rate of fire which makes it a well rounded gun.  What makes this a good thing is that with 750 damage per shot it will deter people from “oh I can just soak up one shot and then flank the E3” since even at tier 10 750 damage hurts.  With a decent base rate of fire of 3.53 without equipment/perks taken into account it also allows the T110E3 to get in multiple shots to prevent it from being flanked with only one chance to damage an enemy in most situations.

With a .36 accuracy value you will struggle a bit with hitting where you want to at longer ranges(250m+) which does pose some problems against fast moving tanks, small targets, or small weak spots.  This is a double edge sword of the T110E3 since your gun performs bad at longer ranges while your armor at long ranges is fantastic since it makes hitting your lower glacis difficult. Aim time at 2.5 seconds is not noticeable since with the low speed of the T110e3 the one the move accuracy isn’t effected very much over being stationary.  Your standard AP shell has a superb 295mm of penetration while your premium APCR round has an even better 375mm of penetration.  This makes up for your slightly disappointing accuracy since often times you can just cut through most armor with your AP round and against difficult opponents use your APCR round.


Coming from the T95 the boost in speed is a welcomed sight since you go from being a sloth in the T95 to being a slightly faster turtle in the T110E3.  In my opinion the speed isn’t that big of a downside since due to the lack of mobility of the T110E3 you get better attributes elsewhere that if you were faster you would not have.  The listed top speed is 24 km/h which you will often just be below on level ground and while going up hill you will drop below 20 km/h.  Your hull traverse speed of 24 km/h is also a huge boost over the T95 which has a 16 km/h traverse speed.  This is just enough to allow you to prevent flanking tanks from simply blowing right by you(unless if they scrape up beside you close).

Coping with the mobility is much easier than you would expect since it often times is “just enough” to get the job done and you are slow enough that it prevents you from getting into trouble early on in a match.  However, like the T95 before it you must plan ahead and be able to keep an eye out on the mini map to figure out where you need to be 60 seconds ahead of time.


One of the most important attributes of the T110E3 that often is overlooked is it’s gun depression of -8 degrees.  Having this allows the tank destroyer to fight adequately on uneven terrain and to use hills to hide it’s lower glacis.  Learning where the small terrain differences are and which areas are suitable for 8 degrees of gun depression will turn the T110E3 into an indestructible wall that can only be destroyed by flanking or SPG fire.  The 400m view range is average for a tier 10 but is enough that you will not encounter to many enemies that you cannot spot while they are firing upon you.  

27 pieces of ammunition might seem a tad low but it allows you to still have a diverse ammunition load out.  I run 19 AP, 6 APCR, and 2 HE rounds.  Your most used round is AP since with 295mm of penetration you will be able to deal with 90% of the enemies you face.  APCR I save for difficult tanks at long range like an E-100/Maus but especially for E-100’s that like to face hug you.  With APCR you can easily force your way through tanks that try to face hug you thinking that they can shove their strongest armor in your face.  The 375mm of penetration on the APCR simply laughs at that notion and cuts right through it.  High explosive shells are there to deal with lightly armored tanks(WFT E-100’s) and/or capping tanks that you want to not bounce off of.


Coming from the T95 you should know already that you have to pick your routes carefully, plan well ahead, and to prevent yourself from being flanked.  Along with this you will not want to wander off completely alone and will want at least 1-2 allies behind you that can fire on enemies that happen to get on your sides/rear.  Most matches you will want to start off at mid range from the enemy which due to your low speed means that you are often behind the front lines to begin with.  This allows you to pump out damage at range while your armor will protect you against almost all incoming fire aside from SPGs.  In between shots keep inching forward to the enemy and/or towards a position that needs your help.  Your primary goal is advance across the map without pushing past enemies that will have a route to get behind you.   Once you have enemies on two or more fronts of the T110E3 you lose your best asset which is your frontal armor.

Since the T110E3 you will also want to try to soak up damage and have enemies fire at your instead of your teammates.  This does mean that you may have to get close to enemies which does open up your lower glacis to easy shots for the enemy or the enemy trying to flank you.  Often times to counter act this I will only get close to enemies when I know I can have a pile of rubble or a destroyed tank to hide behind….plus I want at least 1-2 allies behind me to kill any enemies that get behind me.  Even if you get flanked you will often get in at least 700 damage in on an enemy and then your allies can finish him off as he tries to flank.

Overall, the primary thing to keep in your mind is first of all preventing yourself from having to fight enemies from multiple angles.  Keep enemies coming from one direction from your frontal armor while keeping your side armor at an auto-bounce angle.  Secondly, stay at a decent range from the enemies to begin with and always keep a few friendly tanks nearby.


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