Tank Guide: M46 Patton

The M46 Patton is one of the older tier 9 mediums in World of Tanks.  Although it is often overlooked in favor of newer tanks it still a favorite of many.  This World of Tanks M46 Patton guide will take a look at its strengths and weaknesses.  You’ll also learn what tactics to use to get the most out of the M46 Patton.

World of Tanks M46 Patton Guide


Unlike most newer tier 9 mediums the M46 Patton doesn’t have a flashy high penetrating gun.  Its top 105mm does have the best damage per minute out of all tier 9 mediums.  With a base value of 2,711 DPM before added equipment it easily outpaces most tier 9 mediums.  Its AP round has 218mm penetration and the premium APCR round has 265mm.  The AP round is at the bottom of penetration for tier 9 mediums along with the T-54 and T54e1.  Although low for its tier 218mm is plenty to deal with most tanks.  Mixing in APCR for tougher targets solves any penetration problems.

Accuracy does suffer slightly with .37 at 100m which only the T54e1 has a worse accuracy value at tier 9.  With the best on the move accuracy values the M46 does cover up the accuracy issue very well.  Since you’ll be firing most shots while moving your hull or turret you do not lose as much accuracy as other tier 9 mediums.  While fully aimed shots aren’t as pinpoint accurate you do perform well at taking shots while moving.

At 390 damage per shot you are only out alpha’d by the WZ-120 with its top gun.  Gun depression is also top notch at 10 degrees allowing you to fight on hills extremely well.  Overall the M46’s firepower is better than it might appear at first glance.  Its raw damage capability with good accuracy while moving and DPM is best for tier 9 mediums.  Combine that with its great gun depression and you have an excellent gun at your disposal.


Armor wise the M46 Patton isn’t going to win any awards.  Your hull armor will not stop any shots outside of unlucky bounces if angled.  Your turret armor while not tough does have decent angling to it.  The main strength of the M46’s armor comes down to the small size of the turret.  Using the excellent gun depression and the turret size you can present a very small target over ridges.

Doing this will make it difficult for tier 7-8 tanks to penetrate and do damage reliably.  Tier 9-10 tanks will still penetrate your turret most of the time; but hitting it can be difficult while hull down.


Another category that at first looks substandard and then as you dig deeper it starts to make sense is mobility.  The M46’s top speed of 48 km/h isn’t anything to write home about.  It actually makes it one of the slowest tier 9 mediums.  The excellent power to weight makes up for the low top speed by allowing the M46 to easily cruise at or near the maximum speed.  The turret traverse and hull traverse aren’t the best nor worst for tier 9 mediums and feel just right.

One minor detracting factor of the mobility is poor terrain resistance values.  Compared to many tier 9 mediums the M46 has more terrain resistance on moderate to soft ground.  Avoiding areas like swamps, water, etc. is wise if you expect to be shot at.

Miscellaneous Attributes

Small stats can sometimes make or break a tank’s performance.  The M46 like many other American tanks doesn’t suffer from bad soft stats.  With 410m view range the M46 is tied for best view range for tier 9 medium tanks.  Combined with optics you can easily function as a pseudo-scout with that unbeatable view range.

If hit towards the rear of the tank the M46’s high 20% fire chance does suffer from easily being set on fire.  If played correctly you won’t have to worry about this, but if caught off guard it might come back to burn you.  Sorry I just had to do that pun.  With an ammunition capacity of 54 rounds you can easily carry a diverse selection of different rounds.  The 10 degrees of gun depression and 22 degrees of elevation fighting on hilly terrain is a breeze.


Once elite the M46 Patton is a blast to play since it is a well rounded medium tank.  With superb DPM, great on the move accuracy, and view range you can fill many roles depending on the map you land on.

If your team needs vision your decent speed combined with excellent view range lets you help spot enemy tanks.  If you find your team needs damage dealt your high DPM and 390 damage fits in very well.  The main limiting factor is finding what role your team desperately needs as a match progresses.

Playing the M46 you need to always look to flex to another role or position on the map as the battle progresses.  Try not to get yourself to close to the fight in the first few minutes of a match.  This will limit your ability to move around to where your team needs you if you get pinned down.  That doesn’t mean sitting far back near your base since your poor .37 accuracy means you’ll be hurting your team.  Find yourself a small hill, ridge, or bush to support from before picking where to move to next.

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Old M46 Patton Replays (2012)

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