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The M4 Sherman is an iconic tank both in and outside of World of Tanks.  For many in-game its one of their first tier 5 tanks where the game truly begins to take shape.  This World of Tanks M4 Sherman guide will go over the tank’s strengths, weaknesses, and tactics to use to master playing it.  The M4 Sherman is a favorite of many players since it is easy to play and has two viable top guns.

World of Tanks M4 Sherman Guide


 The M4 Sherman unlike most other tanks has two viable top guns to use.  The 76mm is your standard gun that uses AP rounds.  The 105mm is a howitzer gun that uses a HE round as its main round.  Both provide distinct pros and cons compared to one another.

105mm Top Gun

The 105mm is the top gun used by most that play the M4 Sherman.  It provides 2,850 damage per minute without equipment factored in.  This easily blows past the 76mm’s 1,499 DPM.  It is difficult to achieve this value since your HE shells won’t penetrate most shots.  Your standard HE does 410 damage with 53mm penetration. It also has a premium HEAT shell that does 350 damage with 101mm penetration.
With .53 accuracy it is difficult to land shots exactly where you would like too.  The accuracy is high enough to land HE shots reliably at most ranges, but hitting where you want to HEAT is difficult.  The shell velocity does make hitting moving targets or long range shots hard with only 472 meters per second.  The 105mm sees the M4 Sherman have a higher damage threshold but limits its ability to damage fast and long distance targets.

76mm Top Gun

The 76mm gun sacrifices DPM in favor of a more accurate and reliable gun across longer distances.  Compared to the 105mm you only have 1,499 DPM instead of 2,850 DPM.  Acheiving this damage value is easier since you’ll mostly be firing AP or HVAP rounds.  Your AP rounds do 115 damage per shot while HE does 185 damage per shot.  The standard AP has 128mm penetration while your premium HVAP has 177mm.  While .41 accuracy isn’t excellent it is significantly better than .53 accuracy on the 105mm.  Your shell velocity is also 792 meters per second compared to 472 on the 105mm.
With a faster shell, more accurate gun, and standard AP rounds the 76mm performs better at mid to long range compared to the 105mm.  It can also hit moving targets better due to the faster shell and better accuracy.  If you want to play the M4 Sherman a little safer and not in the thick of things like the 105mm requires the 76mm is for you.  Do remember that you are sacrificing some damage potential and it can be difficult to damage higher tiers with the 76mm.


 The M4 Sherman isn’t known for its armor in World of Tanks.  The main strength it has going for it is a strong mantlet and good gun depression.  It is wise for a M4 Sherman driver to exploit this by using hills, rubble, or destroyed tanks for cover.  Your hull armor won’t protect you from tier 4+ tanks and your sides/rear are very weak.
For a full armor break down check out this M4 Sherman weak spot guide.


 The M4 Sherman isn’t the most mobile tier 5 medium tank.  Its top speed is 48 km/h and it has decent power to weight ratio.  While it isn’t technically slow its large size does make it feel like you are driving a slower tank.  If you are out in the open you’ll be hit very easily due to the size.  On soft ground your terrain resistance is also noticeably poor and avoiding areas like this is a good idea.

Miscellaneous Attributes

 Often overlooked attributes of a tank can sometimes make or break how it performs.  American tanks are known for good “soft stats” and the M4 Sherman isn’t an exception to that rule.  With 370m view range you aren’t gimped by not being able to spot enemies effectively.  Coated optics you also can stand up against the higher view ranges you face at tier 6/7.
With 12 degrees of gun depression and 25 degrees of elevation you also aren’t limited to where you can effectively fight.  The gun depression allows you to hide all but the turret and to abuse hilly terrain.  You can carry 90 rounds with the 76mm and 46 rounds with the 105mm.  Both capacities are high enough to let you carry a decent amount of every type of shell you’ll need.


Playing the M4 Sherman ultimately comes down to whether you use the 76mm or 105mm top gun.  With both guns you’ll want to use the M4’s excellent gun depression to keep as much of your tank hidden as possible. The only armor you have that can stop tier 5+ shots is the mantlet area.  Find small hills or rubble to hide your hull if you plan to stop to take shots.
What tier tank you are facing also plays a very important role being a tier 5 medium tank.  Facing off against tier 6/7 tanks you need to be extremely careful since your HP and damage often pales in comparison.  In these battles help support your higher tiers and try not to get shot early on.  If you can conserve HP until later on in the match you’ll have an easier time taking on damaged higher tier tanks.  If you are facing tier 3-5 tanks you can be a tad bit more aggressive since you aren’t at a disadvantage.
Overall the M4 Sherman is a very rewarding tank to play and keep after you elite it.  While it does have difficulties surviving against higher tiers; it isn’t abnormal for a tier 5 medium to suffer from that.  If you play it in more of a supporting role and keep your gun in the match you’ll rack up the damage.  Play it to aggressively and you’ll find yourself back in the garage very fast.

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Pre-HEAT Nerf M4 Sherman Gameplay

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  1. Anonymous | June 25, 2012 at 4:28 pm |

    (EastGhost1) This section about the M4 Sherman is right on. I played it a lot (500+ battles) early on in my WoT experience with the 105, ducking behind cover and becoming hidden between shots, using it as a medium/heavy hybrid. I would also add you can play it TD style on some maps. It is tough to aim the howitzer at long range, but when the enemy gets close to your base you can often mop up with a top gun from bullying the weakened tanks with your 105 and your mobility. The mobility and firepower make this tank an excellent tank should it become the last tank alive on the team. I played this tank a lot in the past because there was no “Jumbo Sherman” at the time, and there was no tier 8 American premium vehicle to make credits with and grind a crew (I had missed out on the M6 with the long 105).

  2. Love your guides! What equipment do you run with on your Sherman? Thanks for any reply!

  3. What reticle mod are you using in the m4 sherman video? i really like it. and where can i get it?

  4. Has anyone tried the 105mm howitzer on this?

    • I only use the 105mm. Even before HEAT for credits I loved the howizter. You should mainly play as a support tank unless you are top dog with no enemy heavy tanks like a KV-1 on the other team. With the 105mm you can bully other medium/light tanks tier 5 and down….with tier 6 and up just avoid them or stick with friendly tanks and support.

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