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Low tier premium tanks aren’t as popular as higher tiers due to their limited ability to generate credits and usually people primarily buy them based on their performance.  The tier 3 German premium medium tank Großtraktor – Krupp being at tier 3 doesn’t print credits but does see a decent amount compared to standard tier 3 tanks.  However, is the Großtraktor – Krupp a fun tank to play and does it have enough positive attributes to offset its negative attributes?  This tank guide will dissect the Großtraktor – Krupp into key areas, tactics to use, and also give a glimpse of Großtraktor – Krupp gameplay.  By the end of the review you should have a good understanding as to whether or not this tank is worth purchasing for your garage.

Video Overview


 At tier 3 the Großtraktor – Krupp equips the 7.5cm KwK 37 L/24 gun which at 110 damage per shot can cause a massive amount of damage fast against tier 3 tanks, lightly armored tier 4 tanks, and lower tier tanks.  Unlike some high alpha guns the Großtraktor – Krupp does not have great penetration and its AP shell only has 43mm of penetration, HEAT 87mm, and HE 38mm.  The penetration values limits the tanks the Großtraktor – Krupp can penetrate without resorting to premium shells(which are very expensive) and also means that facing tier 4 and 5 tanks is extremely difficult.  To make things worse the accuracy is .55 at 100m, aiming time is 2.2 seconds, and the shell velocity isn’t as fast as you might like.  The rate of fire of 10.91 is also lower than its tier 3 peer the Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf. A which mounts the same gun with 15 rounds per minute and a .5 accuracy value at 100m.

Despite the poor gun performance compared to its peer the gun is devastating against most tier 3 tanks and lightly armored tier 4 tanks.  This is due to the HE shell having 38mm of penetration with 175 damage since it is very capable of penetrating most tanks with ease.   The main issue with the gun arises when you face tougher tier 4 tanks and also tier 5 tanks you stand little chance against.  In any situation it is best to “peek-a-boom” with people and use your high damage per shot to get a hit in and then get back into cover to make up for your slower reload.


 Don’t expect to bounce any shots with the Großtraktor – Krupp since it only has 14mm on the front hull/turret and 8mm on the sides/rear of both the hull/turret.  Armor is not the strength of this tank like many tier 3 tanks and going in expecting to bounce any shots is a grave mistake.  Albeit not tied to armor values but equally important is the size of the Großtraktor – Krupp since it influences how many shells actually hit you.  The Großtraktor – Krupp is a very large tier 3 even though it isn’t that heavy of a tank and the side profile is especially tall/long compared to other tier 3 tanks.  With both poor armor and a large size it makes the Großtraktor – Krupp an easy target to hit and take out for the enemies if it is caught out in the open.


 Although the Großtraktor – Krupp is is larger than most tier 3 tanks it is lighter than some tanks much smaller than it.  This helps it in the mobility department where it is surprisingly fast.  It has a 250 horsepower engine and very good terrain resistance.  The Großtraktor – Krupp’s terrain resistance is 1.03/1.14/1.17 for good ground/moderate ground/poor ground.  Compared to the Pz Kpfw. IV Ausf. A’s terrain resistance of 1.1/1.3/2.3 it helps the Großtraktor – Krupp to remain as mobile as tanks with better engines + power to weight ratios.  Further helping the mobility is a good 44 km/h speed limit which helps it on maps such as El Halluf where it can zip down hills at lightning speed.

Overall the mobility is one of the Großtraktor – Krupp’s strong areas since it has a hard hitting gun and speed to get it to places to use that firepower.  At the same time you need to reign in that mobility at times so you do not get torn to shreds due to your weak armor and large size.

Miscellaneous Attributes

 Small attributes make or break many tanks that otherwise seem good on paper.  The Großtraktor – Krupp has above average “soft stats” to make it perform better than you would expect.  First, I’ll start with the main negative being the matchmaking for the Großtraktor – Krupp.  The Großtraktor – Krupp has standard matchmaking meaning that it can see tier 5 tanks where its gun is lacking the penetration/accuracy to deal with even medium tanks.  This presents a huge issue when you are thrown into tier 5 matches and it forces you to play very cautiously and off the front lines.  Moving onto the positives you have the gun depression which is 12 degrees and it allows for easy fighting on hilly terrain.

The view range of 330m is great for a tier 3 tank and adding optics to that will give you a huge leg up on most tanks you face at tier 3.  Your other equipment slots should be filled with ventilation and either a toolbox or an enhanced gun laying drive.  You can hold up to 102 shells which allows you to have plenty of AP/HE rounds with a few HEAT rounds for tier 4/5 matches.  Ammunition cost is also great with AP costing 30 credits, HE costing 38 credits, and HEAT costing a massive 2,000 credits.  Topping everything off is a huge 320 health point pool which helps the Großtraktor – Krupp negate some of its woes with its large size and terrible armor.


 Playing the Großtraktor – Krupp is pretty straight forward and largely comes down to the tier of tanks you are facing.  If you are in a match with tier 3s and either no tier 4s or very little tier 4s you can use your gun to bully most tanks.  This is because your HE round is capable of penetrating most tanks if you aim for non-spaced armor sections and you will easily take tanks out in 1-2 shots depending on how much HP they have.  Doing so however you need to put yourself in spots where you are further back and shooting into enemies from safety(keep in mind your accuracy/shell speed).  Or you can play more aggressively with your good mobility and set up in spots where you can peek out, take a shot, and then retreat into cover.

In matches with several tier 4s or tier 5s you need to play it safe since your HP isn’t capable of standing up against tier 4/5 guns even though for a tier 3 you have a good amount of HP.  Either stay behind the pack and hit weaker high tier enemies(or the small fries) with HE or put yourself in a spot to peak out in between their reloads to get in cheap shots.  For those more daring you can plan a flanking run to get behind enemies to distract them for your stronger teammates to then overwhelm them as they are focusing on you.


 In the end the Großtraktor – Krupp being a tier 3 premium will not make you boatloads of the credits.  However, if you avoid using HEAT rounds you will turn a very good profit for the shorter low tier matches you play in.  In matches where you are not facing many(or any) higher tier enemies the Großtraktor – Krupp is an excellent tank capable of inflicting a ton of damage quickly with its HE shells.  However, once you are facing many tier 4 and tier 5 tanks you are faced with a daunting challenge since almost all tier 3 tanks are vastly inferior compared to tier 4/5 tanks.  Personally, I enjoy the challenge even though I won’t “light up the scoreboard”, but I will end up helping my team towards a victory.  If you don’t mind the standard matchmaking(which I don’t see why its a huge negative, but a lot of people do) then the Großtraktor – Krupp is a very fun tank to play and worth a buy.

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  1. Lord_Nighthawk | December 26, 2014 at 8:33 am |

    It is a fun tank for Tier 3, but i am wondering if the massive gun nerf compared to the Panzer IV_a was really that necessary even for a premium. The increased reload and aim time reduces the Großtraktors abilities to compete on T4 or even T5 and cuts of fun a lot.

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