Tank Guide: E-75

The tier 9 German heavy tank E-75 is a heavily armored beast of a tank that has a very hard hitting top gun.  This guide will be updated to include a fully written guide containing positive/negative aspects of the tank along with how to play it.  Below in the meantime are gameplay videos with commentary showing the E-75 doing it’s best along with tips on how to play it.

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  1. what voice mod do you use its very cool

  2. what voice mod do you use its very nice ..btw nice site it helps

    • I use the one included in the game…just set to the national voices.

      • no I ment the ones were it says diff things when you pen a tank
        like that went all the way through..and that’s got to hurt like your Sherman jumbo video..btw you did get robed hit that guy right on turret weak spot

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