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The tier 7 British premium tank destroyer AT-15A is a somewhat rare sight to see(at least on the NA server) despite it being a solid premium tank.  The AT-15A has a nice blend of armor and firepower but lacks in mobility which might turn off some people from purchasing it.  Despite it being a tier 7 premium the overall profits from this tank is quite good due to the low repair and it’s AP shells only costing 100 credits a piece.  This guide/review will go over the positive and negative aspects of this tank as well as general tactics to use while driving one.

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The main focus of the AT-15A is it’s armor since it sports quite a deal of armor for a mere tier 7 tank destroyer. Frontally the flattest areas of the AT-15A are 229mm thick on the hull and the mantlet areas are 203mm at their thinnest areas.  This leads to this tank being a monster if the person firing at you does not know where to aim and also if you are mid to long ranges.  As the top tank you can plow directly into anything in your way with little fear of sustaining to much damage and even against tier 8’s you can shrug off most shells.  The side armor is also fantastic is the side of the casemate 152mm and the track areas hovering around 130mm of effective armor.  The main “weak spot” you would think would be the rear but in this case the armor is still over 100mm thick so low tier tanks will still struggle with dealing with you while higher tiers will tear you to shreds.


Damage wise the AT-15A does not look impressive at all since it’s gun only does 150 average damage at tier 7.  It does however have great accuracy/aim time coupled with a base rate of fire of 14.55 rounds per minute.  This translates to 2,192 damage per minute with a 100% crew, brothers in arms, rammer, and ventilation which puts it in the middle of the pack in terms of DPM for tier 7 tank destroyers(top guns).  While this might be a slight downside since you have low average damage and also no clear advantage in DPM the armor makes up for some of the gun’s downsides.

Penetration wise comes a small problem of having 171mm of penetration for the AP shell which requires aiming much more carefully than other tank destroyers with higher penetration.  The penetration is enough to deal with any tier 6 and lower tank but when dealing with any tier 7+ tank destroyers/heavy tanks you will need to aim carefully.  The APCR shell bumps up the penetration to 239mm which is enough to deal with any tank you come across.  Sticking with AP the majority of the time is recommended since the AP shells only cost 100 credits a piece while APCR costs 2800 credits a piece which will greatly cut into the profitability of this tank.


If you enjoy fast and mobile tanks then the AT-15A is not for you.  The armor comes at a price since the speed limit on this tank is capped at 20 km/h which is only hit going slightly downhill.  The average speed hovers around 14-16 km/h and accelerating is not as good as you may want.  Climbing hills as you could imagine is a slow and grueling process but at least you are faster than a T95!  Even with the low overall speed this tank does not feel to sluggish when it comes down to it.  Moving around the map might take a little longer but I do not find myself not being able to get places like a T95 or TOG II*.

Traversing also does not seem ‘fast’ by any means since it is only listed at 24 degrees/second which is not very high. However due to the wide arc of the gun some of that lack of traverse speed is negated since you can aim left/right much further than most tank destroyers.


Equipment wise I run a rammer, ventilation, and coated optics.  The rammer and ventilation will boost the DPM of your gun so that you aren’t left relying on your armor to much.  Some will argue that running with a camouflage net(for sniping) or a spall liner(to negate SPGs) for the third equipment but I disagree.  The AT-15A first off is not a tank to sit behind a bush and plunk away at people from a distance due to the low penetration of you gun.  Also, the armor is very thick all across the tank meaning that a spall liner while somewhat useful isn’t as needed since damage from HE/SPGs is already lower than other tanks.

Coated optics will help out in a few areas since the AT-15A is a tank destroyer you will be pushing across the map and leading charges to soak up shots. Since you will be moving for most of the battle coated optics will always provide the added bonus of view range to your adequate 350m base view range. Equipping binoculars will not go well since you need to stay still for them to work and optics will provide you with a bit more advanced warning of any unseen foes heading towards you attempting to flank you.  Nothing is worse than leading a push in front of your allies only for you to get tracked by an invisible tank and you not lighting them up due to them being 10m outside your spotting distance.

Some other small aspects of the AT-15A which were brought up earlier deal with the cost of ammunition and the gun arc.  The ammunition of this tank is dirt cheap and you will often find yourself paying 2k-3k of an ammunition bill which is nearly unheard of at tier 7 along with a repair bill between 500-2500 credits.  So while the AT-15A does not make as much credits compared to tier 8 premium tanks it does make a very good overall profit due to the low repair/ammunition cost(just stay away from APCR).  The gun traverse/gun arc is also excellent and you can aim much further left/right than most tank destroyers without having to move your hull.  This allows you to shoot around corners better and prevent people from flanking you as easily.  

Gun depression and elevation wise is nothing note worthy and both are just average and do not harm the AT-15A in any way in hilly areas of the map. Matchmaker is preferential and the AT-15A does not see tier 9 games.  This covers up some of the gun’s lack of alpha damage and penetration.


Earlier was mentioned playing the At-15A as a front line tank destroyer although it is slow and without a turret.  Due to the massive amount of overall armor combined with a gun that needs to be semi-close to enemies to negate its somewhat lacking penetration it excels in this role.  Plan a general route at the beginning of the game that will allow you to help push your team’s force forward into areas that you can soak up shots while spotting for your allies safely behind you.  Your teammates will prevent any flankers from ruining your day while you chug into the enemy chipping away at their HP along the way.  Taking small pot shots then moving forward in between shots works out very well and then when you get within 150m of an enemy you can simply drive forward and shoot without stopping.  The on the move accuracy isn’t “great” by any means but due to your low speed it isn’t bad enough to where you need to stop to aim while at close to mid ranges.

The mobility of the AT-15A isn’t stellar so keeping an eye on the mini map of how the other flanks are doing is a must.  It will take longer for you to shift over to help a flank out or to return to base to reset it so planning a minute ahead is crucial. For slow tanks I always strongly advise learning how to foresee the enemy movement 1-2 minutes before everything unfolds. This comes with time and learning how each map and team composition works but the AT-15A is forgiving in that even if you get stuck in bad spots your armor will shrug off a lot of incoming shells.

Along with learning how to predict enemy movements it is also a good idea(if you aren’t already) to learn the weak spots of any decently armored tank from tier 6-8.  Since you will be facing these tanks quite a lot in this tank it is very helpful to know where to aim so that you can fire the cheap 100 credit AP shells instead of the 2800 credit APCR shells. One little trick to use is to abuse your gun traverse(left/right movement) around corners.  You can hide 75% of your tank and angle yourself around the corner without actually exposing the side of your tank as you firing around the corner.  The enemy will only be able to shoot at your strongest points of your armor with no weak spots at all to go through.



Excellent frontal, side, and rear armor

Decent DPM for a premium tank

Gun traverse/arc

Low AP shell and repair costs

Good overall profit


Low damage per shot

Low AP shell penetration

High premium round(APCR) cost for only 150 damage.

Below average mobility

While the AT-15A does have some downsides in the mobility and gun department it makes up for it in other areas.  This is clearly not a tank for those who cannot stand slow tanks but for those who do or wish to try one this is a great tank to do so in.  Not only does it have excellent armor with small weak spots but the profitability is also great. Overall I give the AT-15A a 4/5 and recommend it to anyone who is looking for their next(or first) premium tank..

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  1. I have to say, I’m most pleased to see a detailed review of this… well, “black sheep” of a tank. It seems the vast majority of WoT players hate it due to its weak gun, and reading on the forums I found that many complain that the armor, despite being so thick on paper, is vastly inadequate against most heavies in the higher Tiers (8 and 9). Module damage (mainly tracks and ammo) was also an issue brought up by players who claimed to have tested this thing, and it was also claimed that, despite the absolutely cheap cost of the tank’s AP shells, the repairs and all were very high and barely allowed to make a profit out of an average game, which is strange given that this is a Premium Tank, a so-called “money printer”. And speaking about the poor gun, I might say that I found myself in matches with Tier 7-8 behemoths while driving a puny Tier 4 light, and guess what, I could barely scratch the paint off their rear, lol. So what I had to do, rage and quit and blame my tank because it was inadequate?

    In the end I’d like to ask, were you VERY positive with this review, or there’s too many people who bash this tank just because it doesn’t do good in every match? Or you simply stated the facts as they are, and this is actually a decent Premium TD which just so happens to be overshadowed by most of the competition?

  2. The biggest problem with this TD in pub matches is the lack of assistance from your team. It is designed to be an assault tank but it needs help to keep it alive since it will be in danger of being surrounded most of the time. I usually don’t get many kills an die when 4 or 5 enemy tanks/TD surround me and hammer. If you can platoon with a couple of med it’s GREAT.


  3. i play this mainly as a camper, lack of support from team mates make flanking a REAL issue, the blow your tracks off and simply dance around you having a potshot party, saying that, love the gun….low damage but accuracy is nice.

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