Tank Guide: AT-2

The AT-2 at tier 5 is equipped with a massive amount of armor when compared to other tanks.  It pays for it however with a puny pew-pew gun even when upgraded.  This guide will be updated with a written section that goes over the AT-2’s strengths, weaknesses, and how to play it well.  In the meantime below are some video(s) that show AT-2 gameplay with commentary.

Camouflage Values

Stationary: 17.1%

Firing While Stationary: 6.3%

Moving: 10.3%

Firing While Moving: 3.79%

Aiming Circle Spread

After Shooting: 2.877

Turret(Gun) Traversing: 0.077

Turret(Gun) Traversing Full Speed: 1.99

While Moving: 0.326

Hull Moving Full Speed: 6.52

Hull Traversing: 0.326

Hull Traversing Full Speed: 6.52

Terrain Resistance

Hard Ground: 1.432

Medium Ground: 1.534

Soft Ground: 2.685

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