T110E5: 7.4 Test Server Changes/Nerfs

7.4 Test Server is bringing a slight nerf to the American tier 10 heavy tank T110E5.  Many saw this coming since the T110 has out performed it’s fellow tier 10’s in win % by a decent margin since released.

Here are the stats comparing my T110 set up on the 7.3 server and 7.4 test server. 100% crew, Brothers in Arms, Vents, and Rammer.
7.3- Reload= 7.68 seconds(DPM 3125)
7.4- Reload= 8.25 seconds(DPM 2909)
This brings the T110’s gun much closer to the IS-4’s gun now.  Currently my IS-4(100% crew, rammer, vents, NO Brothers in Arms) has a 10.35 second reload. If these stats hold true when 7.4 releases it will look like this…
IS-4 Reload= 10.35 seconds (DPM 2550)
T110 Reload= 8.25 seconds (DPM 2909)
The T110 will still keep it’s DPM and higher RoF over the IS-4. But it looses 216 DPM from 7.3 to 7.4
Here is a video of T110E5 gameplay from the 7.4 Test Server on the new map Air Field.
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