Special Thanks

With the new layout here on WoT Guru I opened up the option for others to design headers for the website(located above the main menu at the top of the page).  I would like to thank Demole from the European server and ApplesauceBandit from the North American server for creating headers that you see above.  Demole especially since he created 12 banners!

Currently there are 15 banners that will cycle through randomly on each visit, and there is room for several more.  I’ll leave the offer of gift shop packages for those who submit banners open for a few more days but even after that offer ends feel free to send any in if you like to design them.

You can submit them by emailing me at codymenz@wotguru.com

In other news I am hoping to run some kind of giveaway/event in the next week or two.  Stay tuned for more details!

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