Replay/Tip: “Baiting”

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you are in a tank or scenario that you cannot be expected to do much damage to the opposing team. Whether it is because you are in a low tier tank or if you are against a dug in team that will kill you rather quickly if you charge in guns-a-blazing scenarios like this happen often.
So what do you do? Rush in and die like a lot of people do or put yourself in a position just outside of the enemies dug in position and lure them out? I call this “baiting” but feel free to come up with your own nickname for the tactic as not everyone enjoys fishing…. Ok back on topic.
If you or your team find yourself up against an enemy team like this(which happens a lot on Assault) all it takes is 1-2 tanks to(less the better) to sit within to auto-detect range of the enemy or get into a place and allow them to spot you.  Most online gamers, especially those in a free to play MMO, do not have a huge amount of patience which leads to them thinking that could easily rush that poor low tier tank around the corner. When they do this the rest of your team is there to back you up and help you out. You’ll be surprised at how effective this is since the average player does not think ahead.
Below is a replay of one of my matches in the Type 59 on Karelia Assault. 
I knew it was going to be tough going head-to-head on the western part of the map(since they have good defensive spots) so I decided to go into the “pocket” just outside of their base. This spot allowed me to be somewhat protected from their tanks(I did die eventually) while making them to come out from hiding and expose themselves to my team mates to damage me. I ended up luring out a KV-3, T20, ISU-152, and AMX Arty which ended up dying or being damaged significantly due to me luring them out. You might not light up the end of the match screen with tons of kills but your team mates will notice what you are doing and you’ll be rewarded with winning more often.

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  1. You are a master baiter.

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