Nine New Weak Spot Guides + Format Changes

Hi everyone!  I’ve added several weak spot guides over the past few days and chose not to “ping” you(send a subscriber email) about them since the format has changed slightly and did not want to spam your inbox with several emails..  I am hoping that by changing the way I do weak spot guides I will be able to publish more guides/content on a more regular basis as well as still provide enough information to properly portray a tank’s armor.  The main change with the new guides is that I have decided to take off the effective armor values in the images and to simplify the areas somewhat.  This process takes up 75% of the time it takes me to make a weak spot guide and I will still do this for tanks I feel need the special treatment of nitpicking the armor areas down to the smallest zones.


For the guides below I have gone over the important information in text below each image and the images themselves still are color coded to show different armor protection.  Again, I plan on doing this for tanks I feel do not need the additional information and I will still do weak spot guides with complete effective armor values and dozens of armor zones for tanks that need it.  Going forward you will still receive updates about weak spot guides if you are subscribed, I just felt that I should make this post instead of changing them with no explanation.  With the amount of time that is freed up by leaving out the hour(s) of fine details and mainly the drawing/fitting it all together while having it legible I will be able to get more content out quicker from now on.


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns leave them in the comment section below.  Either way, happy tanking and hope the matchmaking gods are on your side!





T25 AT








Valentine II


PzKpfw. II Ausf. J


FCM 36 Pak 40


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