New Year Giveaway Extravaganza

*Event is now over* Winners have been posted and contacted. Thanks for another great event this year! *Event is now over*

Another year has gone and the annual World of Tanks Guru giveaway commences! This time the giveaway will be open for a longer period of time and more prizes are available.  I would like to thank the continued support of everyone and without you WoT Guru wouldn’t have grown to where it is today.  Now…. to the giveaway.

Are you interested in any of the special bundles Wargaming is offering for the Holidays/New Years?  Well, look no further!  You can enter and have a chance at winning a gift shop package of your choice by simply leaving your in-game username and server in the comment section below.  This giveaway is open until December 30th 11pm EST at which no further entries will be taken.  The winners will be chosen at random and this post will be updated with the winners(and private messaged via the official WoT website) and will have 48 hours to choose a gift shop prize.  You are eligible for this giveaway if you are on the North American, European, or Asia servers.

 Full details are found below for the giveaway, and please keep in mind that if your entry does not display after you submit a comment it might be held temporary for approval.

If your comment is accepted then it will show up after it is approved, please do not submit multiple comments if you do not see it after it is submitted. If it is for whatever reason flagged as spam the system will automatically tell you if your comment is not accepted when you hit the “post comment” section and in which case you should fix your comment and resubmit it.

For each prize a winner can choose a gift shop package valued at or below the stated monetary amount.  One gift shop package only and amounts are using US dollars.  Like last year, if we reach 500 entries it will unlock prize #5 and if we reach 1000 entries prize #6 will be unlocked.  So tell your friends!


Prize #1

$25 Gift Shop Package

Barmir (EU Server)

Prize #2

$35 Gift Shop Package

_althalus_ (NA Server)

Prize #3

$40 Gift Shop Package

Tedster59 (NA Server)

Prize #4

$50 Gift Shop Package

Papahowitzer (NA Server)

Prize #5 (If 500 entries is reached)

$50 Gift Shop Package

Cir3 (SEA Server)

Prize #6(If 1000 entries is reached)

$100 Gift Shop Package

Giveaway Rules

1. Must leave a valid username for World of Tanks in the comment section of this post(located below) along with which World of Tanks server you play on.

2.  Must be on the North American, European, or Asia servers for the PC version of World of Tanks.

3. No duplicate entries, you may however submit an entry if you have different accounts across separate servers.  If you submit multiple entries for a single username/server combination your entries will be disqualified.

4. Please only post one comment with your information and do not comment multiple times(or on other comments). You can include additional writing/thank yous if you please, the less comments I have to sort through the quicker I can choose the winners is all I am looking for as I need to sort out any comments that are not entries.

5. Accounts submitted must have at least 150 battles on them.

6.  Entry must be placed by December 30th 11pm EST.  If entries are submitted after that time they will not be valid.

13 Comments on "New Year Giveaway Extravaganza"

  1. Username: kommandr
    Server: EU
    Happy New Year

  2. Username: nvtrungit85
    Server: Asia
    Happy New Year and Have Fun.

  3. Username: Dobbelsteen
    Server: EU

  4. Username: Comander168
    Server: EU
    Happy new year to all 🙂

  5. Username: cazimir_moasa
    Server: EU

  6. Flaming_Manatees | December 30, 2014 at 11:53 am |

    Username: Flaming_Manatees
    Server: NA

  7. Username: yahooooo
    Server: EU


  9. username: Maagiz
    Server: Eu

  10. volkovstinger | December 31, 2014 at 3:25 am |

    Username: XxFakkuManxX
    Server: Asia

  11. Username : Melvich
    Server : ASIA/SEA

    Happy New Year!!!

  12. Username : Melvich
    Server : SEA
    Happy New Year!!!

  13. Drunk_Driver_ | December 31, 2014 at 4:21 pm |

    Username: Smoked_Maple_Bacon
    Server: NA

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