New Website Design & Design Contest

If you haven’t noticed(pretty sure you will if you’ve visited before since it’s very noticeable) WoT Guru has received a major face lift today.  The old design was tossed out since the structure of it simply did not allow for anymore growth without encountering massive issues such as sections of the website just vanishing when I update something completely unrelated.  I was having some problems on the back end with adding content, editing menus, and it impacted my ability to get new content posted since a lot of times I would have something done just for some random thing to break on the website.

Anyway!  The new design not only changes the look of the website but (hopefully) fixes the back end problems I was having.  I’ve spent much of my day today going through and individually editing each and every image on the website to update them to work with the new theme, changed dozens of pages around, and many other small things.  My favorite(and this has been bugging me for a while) is that the new design allows me to adjust the “width” of the website’s content and no longer will there be huge swaths of empty background space that I can’t touch.

The new layout/design isn’t 100% complete and there will be changes over the next few days.  I still need to complete the menu layout and add more “layers” to it so that specific pages can be found easier from it.  I also will fix the vast amount of white space in some sections of the website.

Two last things I ask of you 🙂

1) If you have any input please leave a comment below

2) If you have noticed the top “header” where it says “World of Tanks Guru” changes between two different headers at this moment.  If you are interested in crafting some awesome headers to be featured there you might just receive a gift shop package if I like them.  The image size should be 1300×90 pixels max.  The width(1300) doesn’t need to be completely full but it helps if the overall image is that size, it must however be 90 pixels for the height though to work correctly.  Here are some guidelines.

A) Must be 1300×90 pixels in size.

B) Must be a .png file

C) Must be World of Tanks related

D) Does not need to have any text(I prefer no text if possible)

E) Can be transparent or solid. Current two headers are between 50% and 75% transparent.

F) Should try and mesh with the text in the header space(it’s white ;)).  So keeping the image slightly dark and/or transparent so the black background seeps through helps.

G) The banners can be funny, awesome, or whatever.  I want diversity which is why I am opening it up to everyone.

To submit headers you can email me at or use the contact form on here.  Please keep in mind that simply sending in one or two headers that aren’t awesome won’t get you a gift shop package and some effort/amount is expected.  All images sent are understood to then be used on this website if I like them.

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