Neat Erlenberg Encounter Cap Fast Spot

Thought I would point out a small spot on Erlenberg(for the southern spawn) encounter that you can use for smaller tanks.  Anything larger than a T14 heavy tank most likely will not fit into here but it is a nice spot to get into quick(I just made it without being spotted) to pressure the enemy.  From here you can point your front out and poke out to fire to your left into the advancing enemy.  Enemy artillery cannot hit you unless they move into the corner and even then simply pull back in and remain unseen to continue capping.

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×576.jpg” width=”1024″ align=”center” title=”Erlenberg_CapFast1″ frame=”true” icon=”image”]

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×576.jpg” width=”1024″ align=”center” title=”Erlenberg_CapFast2″ frame=”true” icon=”image”]

4 Comments on "Neat Erlenberg Encounter Cap Fast Spot"

  1. Typo- this spot benefits the northern spawn, not the southern. Otherwise, great find.

  2. This is for noobs. Just attack! 7minutes of camping is really boring.

  3. You describe this spot but there are no pictures. Just a long string of characters.

    • Sorry, this image I deleted when they removed this location when they changed this map in a recent patch. Just forgot to delete the page associated with it.

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