May 27th Update

Just a small update on what has been happening for the past 2+ weeks.  As you have seen the weak spot guides and tank specific guides have taken a back seat to other aspects of the website.  This is due to the upcoming patch which will be changing some shell/armor mechanics and re-balancing various tanks which I am waiting for before I devote more time to produce more tank specific guides.

In the meantime I have been completing the “Which Tank Line is Right For You? page on here which breaks down specific tank lines as far as grind difficulty goes, how well each tank in a line is, and the general play style of the line.  Currently every nation is complete aside from Germany(which will be done in the next few days) and also SPGs since they are getting a major revamp. So check it out!

After Germany is completed I will be adding links to specific tanks to any videos, guides, etc. that I have or find useful.

Aside from this page I have been uploading a bit more replay commentaries than usual to keep up in the downtime.  I post a few of them on the main page here but I am unable to link all of them here so if you haven’t already check out my YouTube channel.

Many of the replays are of platoons of myself and my clan Vanaheimr.  If you are interested in joining a pretty laidback clan focused on having a good time(but still wanting to focus on doing well) check us out. Unfortunately our website is currently experiencing a little hiccup so if you have any questions shoot me a PM on the WoT forums.

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  1. hey! i want to say thanks for doing what u are doing man. If is there anyway i can help u, u only have to ask. best wihes!

  2. Hi , you should check this website there are answers from developers what will be in upcoming patches etc .. Very useful site

  3. I’ve learned a lots from your replays. Anyway, thank you very much for doing this.

  4. I have some software tools that allows me to read the tank model such as volume, surface, angle. If you need someone to double check quickly, I can give you a hand if you are interested.

    • Feel free to check my guides(old ones are a bit dated though). Typically I get the angles within 1-2 degrees since I use three sources to determine them. Either way i always like to see feedback to fix anything I might have overlooked.

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