March 18th Live Stream on YouTube


Live Stream has ended, here it is!

Just a heads up. My ping/lag problems seem to have been fixed with the recent update/fix Wargaming put out so I am able to play again in my free time.  Tonight I’ll be live streaming on my YouTube channel at 7pm EST(might start early) for at least an hour or two.  I’ll be doing some commentary and covering quite a bit of different tanks.  Feel free to drop by and take a look.  I am going to try to do my best to keep up with comments during the stream, but due to the computer set up I have(one monitor makes it hard to do this) it might be a tad difficult.  If all goes well and there is enough interest I’ll try and do more World of Tanks live streaming now that I have found an easy set up with YouTube to do so.

Link to live stream

Link to YouTube channel

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