Map Strategy: Murovanka

This World of Tanks Murovanka strategy guide will go over the basic routes, positions, and tactics you will see on Murovanka. Team 1 (Yellow) is found in the north while team 2 (Blue) is found in the south.  This Murovanka strategy is colorblind friendly and replaces the green/reds often found in World of Tanks with yellow/blues.  Additionally conflict areas are highlighted in orange where in most matches both teams meet and brawls ensue.

Murovanka has gone under several reworks throughout World of Tank’s lifespan but has settled on this version after the map was expanded to a larger size.  Prior to the expansion Murovanka was dominated by tanks with high camouflage values combined with the lack of hard cove.  In its current version Murovanka provides a good balance allowing different types of tanks to either spearhead through the enemy at the start or by slowly advancing across the map.  The map is broken down primarily into the 1-3 lines, 4-6 lines, and 7-0 lines as far as “lanes” go.

The 1-3 line has a mix of hills, flat terrain, cover from outside fire, and some small buildings mixed in for hard cover.  This area is great for heavier tanks, tank destroyers, and/or tanks with little gun depression to attack on while being supported by snipers from behind and artillery.  The center of the map features a sparsely developed village that is difficult to plan a route through ahead of time since it is heavily dependent on specific placements of enemies since the houses are spaced far apart.  For the most part this area is dangerous to enter early on outside of light tanks spotting but does become extremely useful later on to attack another flank.

Being in the 4-5 lines you’ll mostly contend with being shot from the 1-5 lines, while being located in the 5-6 lines will see you receive fire from the 6-0 lines.  Finally the last major area is the forest which unlike previous iterations of Murovanka is largely isolated for most of the match.  Along the treeline there is a raised hill area that blocks non artillery fire coming in or out of most of the forest.  Tanks that enter the forest are met with a brawl ensuing in the E9/F9 area with excellent areas for support tanks to position themselves to support from a distance without being spotted.

World of Tanks Murovanka Strategy


You’ll notice that for each side that I simply broke down the strategy into light tanks, armored, non-armored, and spgs.  This is because Murovanka almost always starts with either your team focusing heavily in the 1-3 line or the forest since the village is risky early. Winning one flank while not losing the other is key to winning and the first 1-2 minutes is extremely important to securing the numerical advantage over the enemy.  This is why approaching the map by lumping most tanks into whether they have armor or not is usually the easiest path.  You’ll be more useful at the front if you have armor than in the back since losing control on Murovanka opens up to many paths to be flanked by.  While rushing ahead early on in a tank without durability will see you chewed to pieces.

Team 1 (Yellow)

General Strategy

Starting on the yellow team you start on the north side of Murovanka.  If you are in a light tank you have the option of spotting along the ridge in D3, the small field up to E7, or the forest in E9.  Keep in mind that spotting early on in the 1-3 lines rarely amounts to much since your team is not prepared to fire on enemies, while spotting for the forest side will net you assist damage more often.  After the initial spotting run(s) you’ll want to support whatever flank is the safest bet to attack through the center village area since trying to attack head on will be to risky.  Don’t linger to long in the village since it is deceptive and doesn’t provide a ton of protection.  Simply take a few shots and move on.  If you are in a tank with a decent amount of armor you’ll want to pick between pushing towards E1/E2 if you have enough support or pushing hard to E9/E0.  You want to grab these locations to provide enough room for your second line support tanks/spgs to support you without being spotted and the E line gives just enough room for this.  

For tanks with less armor at their disposal setting up further back in areas like A1/A3 and B9/C9/B0 provide excellent firing lanes for their respective flanks.  Don’t linger to long if there aren’t any shots then move to a position either further up to help the push or to the opposite flank to sure up defenses.  The same placement for poorly armored tanks applies to artillery and for the most part you’ll just want to position yourself behind the strongest flank your team has since shots do not change much depending on where you are positioned.

Team 2 (Blue)

General Strategy

Murovanka being a map that is (mostly) mirrored for both teams sees the same strategies from team 1 transfer over to team 2.  For light tanks you have spotting locations early on along the G3 ridge, E7 field area, and F9 forest hill that provide early spots for your team.  Much like team 1 you have a higher chance at scoring assist damage by lighting up enemies either in E7 or F9 since your team is better equipped to deal early damage on this flank.  For tanks with armor you are again faced with either picking the forest or 1-3 line early on since the center village is to risky until the fighting is easier to predict.  Support tanks do have a slightly harder time with defending the forest from team 2 so putting extra effort in preventing the enemy from pushing past E9 should be taken.  This is largely due to less support locations located in the H/J/K lines that provide adequate cover through bushes, buildings, etc.

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  1. Missingturret | December 29, 2013 at 10:16 pm |

    Great article – your comment about spotting and camo mechanics in the forest is spot on – high camo TDs can completely own the east end of this map with some scouting help, on either team. Love this map!

  2. I loved the new way you are showing positions. Simply saying G7 is not nearly as clear as zones you are marking. Also the POV angles are very nice as they give a good perspective.

    I think many of the advanced and ‘risky’ locations will work if with a good team or platoon.

    thanks again.

  3. Being arty on this map, be cautious of just camping the usually corners. On more times than I can count I’ve countered arty with my arty simply by waiting to see them fire from the same camping spots.

  4. your website and strategies are amazing especially for newbies like us who are trying to progress through the games and your strategies make it more fun to try out rather than it being a boring grind.

    Thanks Guru

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